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The EB-06rs Graze Ritter Commander Type is a mobile suit featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A commander version of the EB-06r Graze Ritter, it is first used by Carta Issue, the commander of the Gjallarhorn's Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet. The main differences between the Graze Ritter Commander Type and the standard Graze Ritter includes larger head crest, slightly different chest armor, longer shoulder side armor with round thrusters, and red highlights on the head and shoulder armor instead of white. These changes in its look made it more representative of the Gjallarhorn's peacekeeping philosophy than the standard machine.[1]

Although the suit is only seen in its ground configuration in the anime, it can also be configured for space use.[1] The space configuration has the thigh armor of the standard Graze and can mount a booster unit on its back for high speed movements, while the ground configuration has different thigh armor equipped with hover units on the sides that are also used by the Graze Ground Type.[1] Like the standard Graze Ritter, the Graze Ritter Commander Type uses a Knight Blade as its main close combat weaponry, but can also be equipped with the Battle Axe when required.[1]

A blue variant of the suit with yellow highlights is later used by McGillis Fareed when he became the commander of the Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet.[2] Besides the change in color scheme, the suit's appearance remain unchanged. However, its characteristics have been completely revised. Particularly, its earth based combat data was regauged, and as a result, its mobility under earth's gravity was maximized.[2]


  • GR-W01 120mm Rifle
Same as the one used by the standard Graze. High accuracy, high utility value as the main ranged or support weapon.
  • Short Rifle
When required, the 120mm Rifle can be configured into a short rifle by removing the sensor equipped standard barrel. The short rifle has lower range and accuracy, but it is ideal for close combat-use in conjunction with the Battle Axe.
  • Knight Blade
A sword developed specifically for the Graze Ritter, it is the suit's primary close combat weapon and stored on the side of the waist when not in use. As the suit itself is also used for ceremonies, the Knight Blade adopts a more stylish look to meet this need.[1]
  • GR-H01 9.8m Battle Axe
The Graze Ritter can also be equipped with the Battle Axe used by the standard Graze when necessary. It is stored on the side of the waist when not in use.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Head Sphere Sensor
A spherical sensor is mounted inside the head, it is revealed during optical long-distance viewing and precise measurement.
  • Drop Module
Shaped like a large shield, it is used to protect the Graze Ritter from the intense heat when entering Earth's atmosphere from space. It also protects the Graze Ritter from ground-based attacks as it lands on Earth.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Ritter means "knight" in German.
  • The Gunpla named it as Carta's Graze Ritter.


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