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The EB-06Q Graze Schild is a mobile suit featured in the second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A custom variant of the EB-06 Graze used by the Gjallarhorn's Arianrhod Fleet, the word 'Schild' is German for 'Shield', and the suit uses a large shield alongside a halberd as its primary armament.[1][2] The Graze Schild also has a slightly different head design with a unique chin guard, and a red stripe is painted on both the head and its shield.[3][4] Deployed in organized group combat, it is primarily used to lay siege and suppress targeted city or organization's base under gravity.[2][4]


  • Halberd
A custom weapon used by the Graze Schild, it is taller than the mobile suit itself, and resembles the Graze's 9.8m Battle Axe with a spear-like tip and a longer handle.
  • Large Shield
A custom shield used by the Graze Schild, its is much larger than the Graze's 8.8m Shield and has a slit at the top.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Head Sphere Sensor
A spherical sensor is mounted inside the head, it is revealed during optical long-distance viewing and precise measurement.
  • Booster Unit
The Graze Schild uses the same rear skirt-mounted booster unit as the normal Graze.


The Graze Schilds are the Arianrhod Fleet's vanguards during the encirclement of Tekkadan's Mars HQ, and received fire support from the NK-17 Gjallarhorn Mobile Workers.[4]

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Notes & Trivia


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