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==External Links==
==External links==
{{Advanced Generation Mobile Units}}
{{Advanced Generation Mobile Units}}

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The Dyaus-class is an Limited production version of the Diva and featured in the Three Generation Arc of the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE the anime series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Anti-Air Cannons
Both variants of the line are equipped with a large number of anti-air cannons (exact number currently unknown). The cannons appear to be able to adjust their angle in order to better target the enemy. The cannons also appear to be beam cannons. Judging from what has been seen so far it appears that the Diva and the Amadeus mounts at least twenty of these weapons, therefore it is reasonable to assume either variant has a similar quantity.

Diva Single Catapult Variant

  • Twin Barrel Beam Cannons
The ship's primary anti-ship weapons are large scale beam cannons, of which there are at least two. One is located directly in front of the bridge and the the other known cannon is located on the underside of the of the catapult.
  • 4-tube Missile Launcher/Anti-beam dispersal shell launchers
A secondary set of weapons consists of Port and Starboard-mounted Missile Pods derived from the Assault Landing mode refit of the Diva.

Diva Normal/Pre-refit Carrier Variant

  • Twin Barrel Beam Cannon
The ship's primary anti-ship weapons are large scale beam cannons, of which there are at least one.
  • 3-tube Missile Launcher/Anti-beam dispersal shell launchers
Along the upper side of the ship are six launch tubes for anti-beam dispersal shells, mounted three to each side of the bridge. These are essentially missiles that detonate some distance away from the ship and release a substance that disperses beam weapons. They are similar to the anti-beam depth charge launchers of Cosmic Era warships, but with apparently greater range. Can also launch standard missiles.


A new class of space vessel in use by the Earth Federation Forces.

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