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The Dubious Arche Gundam (デュビアスアルケーガンダム Dyubiasu Arukē Gandamu?) is a variant of the Eldora Core Gundam that appears in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The One-Eyes’ new machine, it is the Eldora Core Gundam docked with new armor parts that are developed through analyzing the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam.[1][2] Equipped with an solar reactor, it can activate Trans-Am System.[1][2] Its armament is similar to the Arche Gundam, consisting of several wireless, remote weaponry launched from the parts on the side of the hips, and a huge sword that also functions as a rifle.[2]


Special Equipment & Features

A special system from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, it improves the unit's specifications more than three-fold when activated. Unlike normal Trans-Am, the Dubious Arche Gundam's Trans-Am does not run out, but this comes at the cost of the solar reactor eventually overloading and causing the Gundam to self-destruct.[3]


The Dubious Arche Gundam first appeared together with the Alus Earthree GundamFake ν Gundam, and other One-Eyes units not long after the BUILD DiVERS confronted the Gundam Seltsam to save its pilot, Masaki Shido. It proceeded to battle the Gundam Aegis Knight before switching to fighting the Veetwo Gundam, however it was soon interrupted by beam fire from Seltsam's Hyper Destlance. It then attacked the Seltsam with its remote weaponry, but they were shot down by Seltsam's Hyper Destlance and Folding Destlauncher. After the Seltsam went beserk, the Dubious Arche can be seen trading shots with the Wodom Pod. Eventually, Cuadorn arrived and shot multiple lightning down on the One-Eyes machines, but Dubious Arche blocked the attack using its sword.

Subsequently, the Dubious Arche dodged attacks from the Veetwo until the Valkylander slashes its left forearm. It responded by activating Trans-Am, causing Parviz to use Valkylander's own version of Trans-Am. The Dubious Arche parried the Valkylander's attack and evaded another, causing the Valkylander to crash into the ground. It then fired multiple shots at the Valkylander while Parviz struggled to control his machine. It eventually switched back to fighting with the Aegis Knight. The Dubious Arche, Alus Earthree and Fake ν were later protected by Fake ν's Fin Funnel's Beam Barrier from a powerful beam fired by Cuadorn. The trio then fought with Cuadorn and eventually they retreated when the BUILD DiVERS accomplished their goal of saving Masaki.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Unlike the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam, the Dubious Arche Gundam is shown to have the Trans-Am System.
  • Dubious Arche Gundam is the first variant of Alus Core/Eldora Core Gundam to feature a dual-eyed sensors.
  • Similar to ELS-assimilated GN Drive Tau machines, the Dubious Arche Gundam emits purple colored GN Particles.


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