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Duane Halberton (デュエイン・ハルバートン, Deyuein Harubāton) is a fictional character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

Personality & Character

As an officer of the Earth Alliance, he combines flexible thinking with decisive action, and has foresight in advocating the need for mobile weapons (such as MS) even before the war began. He is scathing in his criticism of the "idiots" in Alaska (i.e. the upper echelons of the Earth Alliance), who prioritize their own interests and do not take seriously the measures to defeat ZAFT and develop new weapons.


In C.E. 69, under the direction of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Siegel Clyne, PLANT converted colonies Junius 7 through 10 to agricultural production, an action that was strictly prohibited by the PLANT sponsor nations on Earth. In response, the sponsor nations deployed mobile armors, threatening to attack the food production colonies. However, PLANT revealed its newly founded military arm, ZAFT, as well as the ZGMF-1017 GINN, the first military mobile suit ever made.[1]

In the first military action by mobile suits in history, the GINNs were able to completely defeat the sponsor nations' mobile armors despite being heavily outnumbered, and drove the sponsor nation space forces out of L5. Having witnessed the battle, Halberton, then a Captain of the Atlantic Federation Space Force's 4th Fleet (which would later become the Earth Alliance's 8th Fleet), realized the usefulness of mobile suits in space combat, and proposed the development of the "G series" mobile weapons to the high command. Though his proposal was rejected, the development plan went ahead in secret due to the support of several Atlantic Federation senators.[1]

During the Archangel's descent to Earth, the 8th Fleet commanded by Halberton supported the Archangel and protected the descending ship from the attack of the pursuing Le Creuset Team. However, the 8th Fleet was destroyed in this battle, and the flagship Menelaos, with Halberton on board, engaged in a fierce gun battle at close range with Gamow, who launched a suicide attack, sinking Gamow but suffering significant damage. Combined with the fact that the ship itself had descended to an altitude that made it impossible for Menelaos to leave the gravitational field, Halberton shared the fate of the ship, which burned up in the frictional heat of the atmosphere.



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