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Duane Halberton (デュエイン・ハルバートン, Deyuein Harubāton) is a fictional character from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED


In C.E. 69, under the direction of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Siegel Clyne, PLANT converted colonies Junius 7 through 10 to agricultural production, an action that was strictly prohibited by the PLANT sponsor nations on Earth. In response, the sponsor nations deployed mobile armors, threatening to attack the food production colonies. However, PLANT revealed its newly founded military arm, ZAFT, as well as the ZGMF-1017 GINN, the first military mobile suit ever made.[1]

In the first military action by mobile suits in history, the GINNs were able to completely defeat the sponsor nations' mobile armors despite being heavily outnumbered, and drove the sponsor nation space forces out of L5. Having witnessed the battle, Halberton, then a Captain of the Atlantic Federation Space Force 4th Fleet (which would later become the Earth Alliance 8th Fleet), realized the usefulness of mobile suits in space combat, and proposed the development of the "G series" mobile weapons to the high command. Though his proposal was rejected, the development plan went ahead in secret due to the support of several Atlantic Federation senators.[1]

Battle of Orbit

Duane Halberton was the commander of the Earth Alliance's 8th Fleet and also the primary supporter of the G Project that constructed the Archangel and EA's "GAT-X series" mobile suits. He commanded the 8th Fleet from the flagship, Agamemnon-class warship Menelaos. It was revealed that Murrue Ramius was Halberton's student. He has sympathy towards coordinators, especially Kira Yamato when he was amazed by their sheer abilities. Halberton and his fleet made their primary objective to protect the Archangel's descent to JOSH-A, Alaska from ZAFT forces led by Rau Le Creuset, which resulted in his demise and the destruction of the 8th Fleet.


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