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Dren (ドレン?) is a character that appears in the TV anime Mobile Suit Gundam.


He belongs to the Principality of Zeon Space Attack Force and has the rank of second lieutenant. He serves as Char Aznable's second-in-command, but as Char is also an MS pilot, he is often sent out on sorties, during which time he is entrusted with command of the flagship Falmer. He accompanies and assists Char after Char's Komusai descent to Earth, and in the TV version episodes 7 and 11, he pilots the Komusai and P01B Luggun together with Char against the Core Fighter and White Base. He is depicted as being trusted by Char, as when he is asked by Char to create a false identity for him.

After Char's reassignment, he rose through the ranks to captain and took command of the Camel Patrol Fleet, which included three Musai-class light cruisers and the MS-09R Rick Dom. It reappears in the 32nd episode of the TV version, challenging the White Base squadron to a fleet battle in response to Char's request for a pincer attack in pursuit of the White Base. At first, the RX-78-2 Gundam was unable to launch, and the battle was nearly evenly matched, but the Rick Doms were gradually reduced in numbers, and their companion ship, the Tokmel, was sunk in a firefight. Furthermore, the Gundam that entered the battle destroyed the Swamel, and the flagship Camel was also cut open by a beam saber on its bridge, causing Dren to be sent to his death by being blown into space.

Notes & Trivia

  • In the film version of "Encounters in Space," he is depicted as a commander who refuses to wear a normal suit so as not to frighten his subordinates.


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