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Dr. Mikamura (ミカムラ博士?) was a scientist who appeared in Mobile Fighter G Gundam and was the principle designer of the Shining Gundam. He was the father of Rain Mikamura.


Originally close friends with Dr. Raizo Kasshu, Dr. Mikamura was the designer of the Shining Gundam. While designing the Shining Gundam, Dr. Kasshu was able to point out several flaws and was constantly developing more advanced technologies, which eventually accumulated into the Ultimate Gundam. It was at that point Dr. Mikamura's jealously reached its peak, he betrayed Dr. Kasshu, and assisted Major Ulube Ishikawa with obtaining the Ultimate Gundam for their own nefarious purposes.

After Schwarz Bruder was wounded after his match with Domon Kasshu, Dr. Mikamura attempted to silence him by killing him. However, Rain overheard their conversation, Dr. Mikamura revealed the entire plot and his jealous rage. Rain convinced her father that his foolishness had caused the members of the Kasshu Family to suffer which led him to reconsider his actions.

After he helped Allenby Beardsley recover from the DG Cells, Dr. Mikamura apologized to Rain while he revealed his intent to turn himself in for his crimes and acknowledged that he didn't deserve to be her father. However, Ulube soon retrieved the Devil Gundam and revealed his intentions of using Rain as the Core Life Unit although the doctor wanted to shut the Devil Gundam down forever. Attempting to warn her, Dr. Mikamura was shot while doing so. Attempting to radio for help, Dr. Mikamura was able to contact Domon and the others. In the end, the mortally wounded Dr. Mikamura sacrificed his life by releasing Dr. Kasshu's capsule into space, so they might have a chance against the Devil Gundam. Moments before his death, even though Dr. Mikamura knew that he did not deserve such treatment, he plead with Domon to save Rain and told her to not blame herself for his past actions.


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