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Dozle Zabi is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga and its OVA adaptation. The third eldest son of Degwin Sodo Zabi, he commanded the Principality of Zeon's Space Strike Fleet during the One Year War.

Personality & Character

Originally, Dozle was a bit docile and kind-hearted, but after Sasro's death and his own near-death experience, he became extremely ill-tempered when flustered. This hot-bloodedness was unhealthy as a heightened outburst of anger could cause his stitched scars to burst open, causing his face to bleed, though he seems to not even notice.

Unlike Gihren, Dozle has little concern or knowledge regarding the deeper politics of their war, simply fighting as a means to keep his family and their position safe. Unfortunately, this can also make him either blind or ignorant to the moral implications of his actions if they are ordered by his family. This is most clearly shown by his willingness to comply with Gihren's idea to drop colonies on Earth.

As a soldier and commander, Dozle is well-liked by both peers and subordinates in the military, and he is not one to forget the sacrifices made to achieve their victories.


U.C. 0068

Dozle's earliest known appearance was during a meeting between his siblings from the civil unrest that occurred after they had leaked the news that Zeon Zum Deikun had been assassinated. Kycilia had revealed that she allowed his fleeing family to escape, saying it wouldn't be worth it to squabble with Ramba Ral in his family. His brother, Sasro, angry at this, violently slaps her for foiling their plan. He questions why he responded so violently but drowns him out before Gihren interrupts him to set in motion their next plan to take out the Ral family.

During a heated argument between him and Sasro Zabi after attending Zeon Zum Deikun's funeral, a car bomb exploded in which engulfed both him and Sasro Zabi. While the blast had completely consumed his brother, Dozle survived albeit heavily scarred, both physically and emotionally. He is later seen attending a meeting with Gihren and Kycilia, most of his face and his hands bandaged though insisted on staying on duty. Later, during the staged rampage of the Guntank, Dozle is attending to the unrest on the streets, fully healed. He instructs the Federation soldiers to not fire on the rogue Guntank as it contained the two children of Deikun and wait until they were retrieved, but their superiors insisted on opening fire. Their refusal causes Dozle's anger to peak, his scars bursting open again. At the same time, he receives a call from Gihren. Gihren instead requests for him to wait out how everything would unfold before being queried about Deikun's children. Not carrying one iota about them, he instead lets the two go, shocking Dozle. The Federation officers prepare to fire but stop short of Dozle's presence and requests permission. He lets out a half-hearted confirmation, still reeling from the shock as the Guntanks and vehicles fire a barrage, destroying it.[1][2]

U.C. 0074

Dozle became superintendent of Zeon's Space Defense Military Academy at Guardian Banchi. He was caught in the midst of Char's plan to attack the Earth Federation garrison in Guardian Banchi in what would be known as the Dawn Rebellion, where he was distracted by Zenna Mia. When he subdued Zenna, he was shocked to learn that the leader of the rebellion was Garma, leaving him unable to act immediately against his brother. By the time Dozle reached the garrison at dawn, he was greeted by Garma's victorious cadets.

After the incident, he was berated by Degwin for failing prevent an escalation of conflict and was dismissed from his position as a scapegoat for Garma, the rebellion's leader, to escape punishment. Before leaving the Academy, Dozle expels Char, another leading figure of the rebellion, to appease the Federation, although Dozle is aware that Char was the true mastermind of the rebellion. As Char meets him, Dozle is surprised that the cadet was aware of the Mobile Suit development, but accepted Char's request to become a pilot should he ever return to Zeon's military. Shortly afterwards, he calls in Zenna, having become smitten with her bravery in the Rebellion. The pair would eventually marry and have a daughter years later.

One Year War (U.C. 0079)

Operation British

He was responsible for supervising Operation British devised by his older brother Gihren and was tasked with subduing Side 2's colonies before dropping them on Earth. When he informed Ramba Ral of what was to occur, the commander flatly rejects to follow orders and retires from Dozle's command Nonetheless, Dozle demotes Ramba and carries on with the plan. Operation British would successfully cause havoc on Earth, causing near irreparable harm and killing billions of people.

After the mission, Dozle would immediately break down in tears to his wife and daughter, reflecting that he had just killed millions who were just like his daughter.

Battle of Loum

Onboard the flagship Valkyries, he acted as the Dozle Fleet Commander. To prevent the advance of the Earth Federation's fleet led by Revil, he laid in waiting in the Loum Sector. While the mobile suit teams took control of Side 5's colonies, Dozle engaged with Tianem's fleet and pulled them away from Revil. Although his rear guard suffered heavy casualties, Tianem's vanguard was led too far to assist Revil, and Dozle's fleet joined the mobile suit teams in attacking Revil; successfully taking the commander prisoner.

While Tianem could've salvaged the situation by attacking Zeon itself, he chose to retreat to rescue the remainder of Revil's defeated fleet, leaving the Zeon forces with a complete victory. While his men celebrate, Dozle stands up and reminds his men of their lost rear guard, and immediately orders them to first pay tribute to their fallen comrades.

Unlike Kycillia, Gihren and Degwin, Dozle did not attend the Antarctic Treaty, instead choosing to command his ship to enforce security. As Char was now going to act independently, Dozle gifted Char with the Musai-class, Falmer. Dozle also informed Char that the Federation was now working on a mobile suit project known as Operation V.