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Doug Kyson is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam: We're Federation Hooligans!! manga.

Personality & Character

To everyone else in the Nemesis Instructor Corps, Doug Kyson is a quiet, gentle giant. He's a man of few words; rarely speaking at all in larger conversations. In his personal life, he's a very religious man; being an ordained priest. He's seen citing prayers and omens during the funerals of fallen comrades. He's a kind man and friend to all of his teammates; often giving them words of encouragement before the battle begins.

Skills & Abilities

In battle, Doug acts as the nemesis team's medium-range brawler. He pilots his RX-77D Guncannon Mass Production Type effectively and often is seen giving support fire to the rest of his unit. Outside of his career as a soldier and with him being an ordained priest, he's quite versed in some forms of mysticism and clairvoyance; knowing many ancient spiritual techniques for detecting auras and sensing future events.


Doug Kyson was an officer in the Earth Federation Forces during the events of the One Year War, he served in the Nemesis Instructor Corps under major Saki Dessau. He served throughout the unit's operations until his death at the hands of the Zeon double agent Tara I Cicero; using the MS-06FS Zaku II; the very same Zaku used by Garma Zabi himself.


Cove I Cobb


  • As shown by his bizarre abilities in sensing the future to come, it's speculated by some that Doug might be a possible Newtype. However, this is most unlikely as his abilities are proven to be much more spiritual and religious than being actually legitimate newtype powers.

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