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Guilty about her betrayal, and betrayed by Aimzat, Ennil helps the Freeden crew in their escape as Katokk helps Garrod get onto the transport ship carrying Jamil and Tiffa. As the battle with the escaped crewmen and women of the Freeden heats up on the island, Jamil and Tiffa make their own escape on the transport ship, rushing to get the control unit of the Gundam X to Garrod. Making their way into the cargo hold of the New UNE transport ship, Garrod and Katokk find the new Gundam Double X and are pinned down by enemy fire. Coming to their rescue, Jamil proves that his title as "Hero" is well founded as he takes out the soldiers at the door and allow for both he and Tiffa to get the control unit of the Gundam to Garrod. Seeing more soldiers coming, Katokk uses himself as a human shield to protect the children from the soldiers, telling Jamil and the two teenagers the truth of what the New UNE did during the war and asking for Garrod not to make the same mistakes as those in the past. Running to the Double X, Garrod climbs into the cockpit and activates the new Gundam, escaping from the transport ship to find the Freeden escaping the port and an large formation of enemy mobile suits...

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