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Dona Roroi (ドナ・ロロイ Dona Roroi?) is a character from Turn A Gundam. Dona is a citizen of the moonrace who live in a village adjacent to a lunar canal. She and Hammett are dolphin riders and can submerge on dolphin back in scuba gear. They carry spears with which they use to hunt fish. Loran Cehack has known her since childhood and refers to her as "Sister Donna".

When Loran, Dianna Soreil, and Sochie Heim enter the lunar canals Hammett and Dona are the first people that they encounter. The siblings assist them by filling them in on the actions of Agrippa Maintainer and the events since Loran and Dianna left. They are also instrumental in driving off the Mahiroo mobile suits that are pursuing them by summoning a swarm of whales to impede them and block their passage.


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