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After surviving the trap laid out for them and destroying the airbase, the crew of the Freeden head back toe Estard where they are hailed as heroes to their cause. Unsure of his commitment to what is going on Roybea leaves the Freeden, leaving his Gundam Leopard behind, heading off unescorted into Estard as Witz takes up an offer from General Lee Jackson to upgrade his Gundam Airmaster to more better compete with the newer mobile suits and mobile armors being made by the New UNE military. The Frost brothers, tired of losing to Garrod and his new mobile suit, take part in a card game with ace pilots from the New UNE to see which order the would fight the Gundam. The person who draws the highest card fights first, followed by the second highest and so on, with the first battle taking place in the capital of the United Kingdom of Northernbell.

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