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Dolphins are a species of marine mammals. Like whales and elephants they are generally regarded as one of the most intelligent animal species on the Earth. Dolphins are often even regarded as sentient because the demonstrate a clear self-awareness. The dolphins appearing in Gundam appear to be either the Common dolphin (Delphinus geuns) or Bottle-nose dolphin (Tursiops genus).Within the context of Gundam, dolphins have served an occasional role of varying story significance.

Dolphins in the After War Era

In After War Gundam X a White Dolphin holds a large amount of significance. The dolphin has evolved into a Newtype and is upset with humans that have been polluting the sea and hunting her kin. The crew of the Freeden work with her and together they are able to help incapacitate Doza Bale's fleet and stop both his attacks on the dolphins and the Freeden. The White Dolphin might possibly be of the Chinese white dolphin (Sousa chinensis), but more likely is simply a Bottle-nose of Common dolphin that happens to be an albino, the significance of the white simply being of course to emphasize the dolphin's nature as an evolutionary deviant, a Newtype.

Tiffa swims with dolphins

Tiffa Adill swims with a group of dolphins.

Dolphins in the Correct Century

Docked Dolphins

A pair of dolphins docked in the canal port.

In Turn A Gundam the moonrace has kept dolphins along with whales in the canals they have constructed on the moon. It is likely that they were brought there at some early point of settlement within the Dark History. The dolphins on the moon share an amicable relationship with both the whales within the canals and the humans that live adjacent to them. The dolphins willingly accept humans as companions and even allow them to attach harnesses with baskets to them. Together the dolphin riders and dolphins hunt fish. The dolphin riders use spears to kill the fish and then store them in the baskets behind the harness. Examples of such dolphin riders include Hammett and Dona Roroi.

Dolphin Rider

Hammett Roroi rides victoriously on dolphin back.

When Rolan Cehack and his companions attempted to reach the moon's capital by taking a sub through the canals, he was attacked by the forces of Gym Ghingham. The dolphin Hammett and Dona on dolphin back rode through the water and together with the dolphins they summoned a swarm of whales to block the passage of Gingham's forces while allowing Rolan and company to pass.

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