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Dole Frost (ドール・フロスト) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime series.

Personality & Character

Dole is a man of few words. He is cool and calm, but also is not afraid to voice his opinion when he feels strongly about something. Unlike his subordinates, he does not disobey his commanding officer, even if he disagrees with the course of action.


He is the leader of the Vagan's Magicians 8 X-Rounder Corps. At first Dole simply watches as his subordinates attack their commander, Zeheart Galette for his supposed incompetence during the invasion of Big Ring. Later on, when some of his pilots are planning to go on a revenge mission, he opposes their decision but does not make much of an effort to stop them. He questions Zeheart's plans to take Nortrum, giving the impression that it's impossible. He becomes surprised when Zeheart states that he fully believes in Fezarl Ezelcant's plan.

During the battle of Nortrum, following Downes's destruction Dole uses his Zedas M to shield Zeheart's Zeydra during atmospheric re-entry, thus saving Zeheart's life. He mentions that he believes in the future Zeheart has envisioned for Vagan, having come full circle. He becomes missing in action along with Zeheart.

However it is later revealed by his sister, Fram Nara, that he was killed during the atmospheric re-entry.


  • In the novel, Frost's death is clearly depicted, as his Zedas M could not withstand atmospheric re-entry and explodes.


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