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Divine Nova (デヴァイン・ノヴァ Devain Nova?) is a character that appears in the TV anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is a member of the Innovades that call themselves the Innovators in Season 2, and pilots the GNMA-Y0001 Empruss.

Personality & Character

Divine is an Innovade and has the same DNA base sequence 0666 type as his Innovators partner, Bring Stabity. Thus, they both have similar features, with Divine's shorter hair being the primary feature that distinguished him from Bring. Like the other Innovators, he took pride in being a member of the group. While he was disappointed by Bring's failure, he vowed to avenge the latter's death. Like Bring, Divine is quiet and stoic by nature, but his emotions surfaced during the heat of battle.

Skills & Abilities

Divine is a combat-type Innovade and primarily served as a mobile armor pilot. As with other Innovades, he possesses B level quantum brainwaves, nanomachines, telepathy, etc. As a member of the A-Laws, he was granted a license by A-Laws' HQ that allowed him to act independently, free from the command structure. As a result, he became a one-man army and was also known as a 'License Holder'.


Early Days

Seemingly created and programmed through Veda by Ribbons Almark in between A.D. 2307-2312, Divine was born in an incubation chamber and rapidly aged into an adult. As the Earth Sphere Federation Forces was being officially established in AD 2312, Divine was one of the figures behind Ribbons, who told his fellow Innovators that they would be witnessing the future of humanity.

Battle Debut

In the aftermath of the destruction of the first Memento Mori by the Celestial Being's CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 team, the Divine was sent out in the GNMA-Y0001 Empress together with Revive Revival/GNZ-003 Gadessa and Bring Stabity/GNZ-005 Garazzo to destroy the ship. With the Ptolemaios 2 team having exhausting all their GN Particles, they had difficulties fending off the three Innovators and their machines, which dealt a number of damages to the ship. However, the Innovators failed to sink the ship, as the clever tactics of the enemy's tactical forecaster enabled the ship to escape to Earth. After the failed attack, Divine/Empruss joined an A-Laws fleet, and he introduced his mobile armor to Louise Halevy, stating that it is a prototype of the machine that she would be receiving later from Ribbons.

Pursuing the Ptolemaios 2

After Bring was killed while pursuing the Ptolemaios 2 on Earth, fellow Innovator Hiling Care joked about "comforting" Divine, but he responded by saying that he does not feel sad or lonely; rather, he was angry and disappointed at Bring's failure. Divine and Hiling later arrived on Earth and met with Revive, the trio then participated in Kati's operation to destroy the Ptolemaios 2. As Kati's A-Laws team got close to the enemy ship, they were caught off guard by GN-006 Cherudim Gundam's powerful pre-emptive sniper fire with its Trans-Am System, and forced to scatter.

When Cherudim's Trans-Am reached its time limit, the A-Laws team regrouped and the launched their attack. They were quickly intercepted by the GN-007 Arios Gundam and the GN-008 Seravee Gundam. Hiling's and Revive's Gadessas came to the fore to engage the Gundams, Divine/Empruss later stepped in to immobilize the two Gundams with its Egner Whips, allowing the A-Laws' mobile suits to go ahead and attack the Ptolemaios 2. However, the A-Laws team was recalled before they could destroy the enemy ship as the ESF Coup d'état forces had taken over the Africa Tower, the Orbital Elevator located in Africa.

Upon return to their sea carrier, Kati's A-Laws team was ordered to stand by. Revive wondered what Ribbons had planned for the dissidents and then asked Divine if he was irritated that he couldn't avenge Bring. Divine was shocked that they knew, and Hiling laughingly answered that they were all the same, pointing to her head. Divine/Empruss was later sent back to space to protect the second Memento Mori, which the A-Laws planned on using to kill the Coup forces.


When the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser attempted to destroy the second Memento Mori, Divine/Empruss was sent out to intercept the mobile suit. After exchanging some beam fires, Divine launched the Empruss' Egner Whips and managed to catch the 00 Raiser. As the 00 Raiser's pilots were being electrocuted by the whips' electric shock attack, Divine attempted to use the Empruss' Large Beam Cannon to destroy the enemy machine, avenging Bring's death. However, despite the pain they were in, the 00 Raiser's pilots were able to activate the machine's Raiser Sword attack. Seeing the large beam sword coming at him, Divine changed his mind on using the Large Beam Cannon and instead deployed the Empruss' GN Field to defend himself. However, the Empruss' GN Field was no match for the Raiser Sword, and Divine was killed when his mobile armor was sliced in half.



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