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Divine Nova (デヴァイン・ノヴァ Devain Nova?) is a fictional character of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Divine is an Innovade, part of Innovators, in Season 2 of the series. He has the same DNA base sequence as Bring Stabity and the Gaga Forces. He pilots the GNMA-Y0001 Empruss.

Personality & Character

Due to having the same DNA base sequence as Bring Stabity, they both have exactly the same features to one another; Divine has shorter hair to be distinguished from Bring. Unlike Bring, he's more demanding and has greater expectations of those with the same DNA base sequence. He's loyal to the Innovators' cause, to Ribbons in particular; he has little concern for other Innvoades, especially the failures. He's more quiet and stoic by nature, only speaks when emotionally provoked or facing an enemy.

Skills & Capabilities

Divine is like all Innovades, able to utilize quantum brainwaves to telepathically communicate with other Innovades, utilize quantum networked devices, and endure the harshness of space. Unknown to Divine, Ribbons modified him and the rest of his fellow Innovators to have a backdoor to their eyes and minds. Ribbons made his group that way to make sure there was no betrayal and/or deception amongst his own ranks.


Early Days

Not much is known of Divine's past, it's only known he's a custom-made Innovade for Ribbons' group, Innovators. After awakening from his incubation tube, he was assigned to be a MS pilot.

Anti Celestial Being Campaign

Search & Destroy Ptolemy

Divine piloted his GNMA-Y0001 Empress together with Revive Revival/Gadessa and Bring Stabity/Garazzo against CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2, which was low on particles after destroying Memento Mori. However, the ship was able to escape into the atmosphere; Revive and Bring follow, while Divine/Empruss joined Kati Mannequin's fleet, introducing his mobile armor to Louise Halevy and states that she'll be receiving a similar one, courtesy of Ribbons Almark.

After Bring was killed, Hilling offers to "comfort" Divine, but he responds by saying that he does not feel sad or lonely; rather, he is angry and disappointed at Bring's failure and worthlessness. They go down to Earth, meeting with Revive and lead an assault on Ptolemy 2. However, they were caught off guard by Cherudim, which had a longer firing range than Gadessa. The A-Laws force scatters; the Innovators engage the Gundams while the rest of the squad attack Ptolemy. Divine/Empruss nearly succeeds in defeating Allelujah and Tieria before the Federation's coup d’état causes the A-Laws forces to withdraw. Upon return to their sea carrier, Kati's force is ordered to stand by. Revive wonders what Ribbons has planned for the dissidents and then asks Divine if he is angry that he couldn't avenge Bring. Divine is shocked that they know; Hilling points out that they are all the same kind, so they simply read his mind.


When Setsuna and Saji, in the 00 Raiser, attempt to destroy the second Memento Mori, Divine intercepts them in the Empress. He sent out his electric wires and began electrocuting the 00 Raiser. As he brings his main cannon to bear, he declares that he shall avenge Bring. But the 00 Rasier's system had reached maximum and it activated its Raiser Sword on the Empress. The Empress activated its GN Field in an attempt to block the attack but the beam saber pierced through the GN Field and sliced the Empress in half, causing it to explode and kill Divine.


After Divine's death, his genetic material was used to help create the Gaga Forces, a MS pilot clone army. Using the DNA template from that of Divine Nova and Bring Stabity, over 300-500 clones were produced and given mobile suits to defend their mothership, Celestial Being.

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