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The Dictus are a pair of transformable mobile suits that appears in the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Steel 7 manga. Jurisdis Sinistra Dictus (Latin for "Left Hand Of Justice") is piloted by Callisto's Light, while Libertas Dextra Dictus (lit. "Right Hand Of Freedom") is piloted by the bio-clone of Callisto's Shadow.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The most powerful of Jupiter Empire's transformable Mobile Suits. The Dictus are capable of transformed into hand-like Mobile Armor, with Jurisdis Sinistra Dictus resembling a left hand and Libertas Dextra Dictus being a right hand. The face of MS mode become the thumb in MA mode while their dominant arm combined with a sub-arm to form an index, the other three limbs turned into remaining fingers. The MA mode has high strength capable of crushing even the heavily-armored Bala Tortuga with its grasp.

The Dictus are protected from beam weapon by powerful I-field generator. Although the backside is unprotected in MA mode, this flaw is hard to exploit due to its high speed.


  • Mega Particle Cannon
  • Beam Claw
  • Beam Gun
  • Giant Beam Axe
  • Small Feather Funnel

Special Equipment & Features

  • I-field Generator




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