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Devil Colony Activated: Attack Of The Shuffle Alliance is the forty seventh episode in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Ulube now has the Devil Gundam at its full power and puts Neo Japan at Level 1 wartime status, but though diabolical, he does not risk innocent lives, ordering an evacuation of the Neo Japan space colony then kills the soldiers under his command. With Neo Japan now the rulers of the universe, Ulube intends to abolish the Gundam Fight unknowingly sending the earth back to wartimes. Because of this, the United Colonys Federation breaks the cease fire, then Neo America sends its Manhattan area with the Statue of Liberty Cannon out to blast Neo Japan, but Devil Gundam's power shortens out the energy and obliterates the Manhattan colony and hits a section of Neo America. The Devil Gundam then absorbs the entire Neo Japan colony, become the Devil Gundam Colony. Ulube thinks back to how he became convinced to attain power by the Devil Gundam and how he was once a Gundam Fighter who lost to Master Asia at the 12th Gundam Fight finals. Domon and the members of the Shuffle Alliance join together to fight off the Devil Gundam Colony. To atone for his sins, Dr Mikamura then sacrifices himself to free Domon's father, Dr Kasshu, whose capsule is then recovered by the ship. Using his Bakunetsu God Finger, he creates an opening into the Devil Gundam Colony, and they enter.

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