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Developers - Mobile Suit Gundam Before One Year War (機動戦士ガンダム Before One Year War,デベロッパーズ―機動戦士ガンダム) is a single-volume manga written and illustrated by Yamazaki Housui between the years 2001-2003. It is set in the Universal Century time-line of the Gundam meta-series.


The Zaku, "The Father of all Mobile Suits", a title bestowed on to this mobile suit long after its creation & deployment to the battlefield; but this is not the story of the Zaku's exploits during the Zeon War of Independence, later called the One Year War. Neither is it the story of a new type of piloted, independently powered mobile machine. A machine that would be powered by a state of the art thermonuclear reactor, but due to the secrecy and inherent danger involved in developing a project of this kind, its development was outsourced to Hoshioka, a small steelworks industrial plant and its employees, this is their story.


  • Project.01: Transferral! The Hoshioka Factor
  • Project.02: Heated Debate! The Explanatory Meeting about the Commission
  • Project.03: New Design! A Radiation-Proof Work Area
  • Project.04: Installation! The Virtual Operator System
  • Project.05: Revelation! Computer bug
  • Project.06: Inputting! Motion Capture
  • Project.07: Exposed! Hoshioka's secret?
  • Project.08: Grief! Genzapurou the runaway
  • Project.09: White-Hat! Competition
  • Project.10: Design! Military intervention
  • Project.11: Birthday! MS-05 Zaku



  • Mion Hoshioka: Daughter of the Hoshioka chief, and pilot of the experimental mobile suit. Hates to lose.
  • Gunzaburou Hoshioka: Chief of Hoshioka, his motto is "hard work and perseverance."
  • Theo Pajitonov: A member of Zeonic co., transferred from the head office to oversee MS production.
  • Yasu Nishikawa: A member of Hoshioka, he is in charge of the mechanics department.
  • Watch Dog
  • Auntie: A member of Hoshioka

Principality of Zeon


Mobile Weapons



  • A number of Zabi family cameos are present in the manga, with most of the children of the Sovereign appearing in a televised Side 3 broadcast. Later in the story, Gihren is shown personally observing Zeonic's company demonstration of the Mobile Suit prototypes.
  • In the same broadcast, next to Garma there is a young, fair-haired man who looks quite a bit like Char Aznable.
  • Near the end of the manga, a panel showing Elliot Rem's working with the military to develop future MS has him sarcastically suggest placing a 'horn' onto commander-use units to distinguish them from rank-and-file.



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