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The Destruction of the Gate of Zedan is a conflict of the Gryps War, featured in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.


Following Haman Karn’s failed attempt to assassinate the Titans leader Jamitov Hymen, Haman set the Axis asteroid on a course directly for the Gate of Zedan, intending to destroy the Titans Headquarters.[1] During the traverse, Axis began a full-scale evacuation, with all ships departing the asteroid to ensure minimal losses.

Scrambling to salvage whatever they could, the Titans began a hasty evacuation of their space fortress. During the Titans’ evacuation, an AEUG fleet was on approach, intent on boxing in and wiping out as much of the Titans’ fleet as they could before Axis hit.[2]

The Battle

Once they were within firing range, the AEUG fleet opened fire on the defending Titans ships and the base itself. Following the initial attack, mobile suit teams were deployed and given strict orders to disregard the enemy mobile suits and transports vessels and focus fire specifically on the warships and the base’s docking yards. Nearby, the Gwadan deployed their 5th and 6th Gaza-C squadrons to reinforce the AEUG in their attack.

While the battle was taking place, Reccoa Londe, under orders from Paptimus Scirocco, covertly made her way to the Argama to facilitate the freedom of fellow Titan member Sarah Zabiarov. Once in position, Reccoa used her PMX-001 Palace Athene to fire on the Argama. The attack allowed Sarah to escape back to her mobile suit, the PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn, and she flew away from the ship. After firing on the Argama, Reccoa was attacked by Fa Yuiry in the MSA-005 Methuss. During their battle, the two mobile suits pushed each other back towards the Gate of Zedan, eventually crashing into one of the docking bays. After crashing, the two pilots came out of their mobile suits to discuss Reccoa’s reason for betraying the AEUG. The discussion was interrupted by Kamille Bidan in his MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. Reccoa fled the area, with Kamile and Fa chasing after her.[2]

When Axis closed in on the Gate of Zedan, its civilian section, Moussa, separated from the asteroid in preparation for the collision. At that time, the Titans flagship, the Dogosse Giar, was exiting the Gate of Zedan, flanked by Jerid Messa in his RX-160 Byarlant. Upon seeing the Zeta Gundam Jerid opened fire on the machine, disregarding assistance from the Palace Athene in favor of destroying the Zeta Gundam himself. Despite that, Reccoa engaged Kamile, while Fa engaged the Bayarlant at close-range. Before Jerid could attack, Lieutenant Apolly Bay charged into the Bayarlant with his RMS-099 Rick Dias to protect Fa. However, Jerid fired on the Rick Dias, shooting it right through its chest, causing the machine to explode, killing Apolly. Shocked and angry over Apolly’s death, Kamile attacked Jerid, slicing off the Bayarlant’s right shoulder booster with his beam saber.[2]

As Axis was three minutes away from hitting the Gate of Zedan, Captain Bright Noa ordered all AEUG forces to disengage and retreat from the battle zone. After receiving the disengage signal Kamile broke off his fight with Jerid. Axis collided with the Gate of Zedan, the initial hit tearing into the base, destroying all of the remaining transports and mobile suits still within, and ultimately breaking the fortress in half. At the same time, the broken asteroid pieces spread across the surrounding area, destroyed several Titans ships and mobile suits, while others were being commandeered by the AEUG. The remaining Titans forces fled the battle zone, several having received minor to heavy damage.[2]


In the end, the battle was a massive victory for the AEUG and Axis Zeon. The Titans lost their headquarters and a significant portion of their forces. In order to continue the pressure, Anaheim Electronics Chairman Melanie Hue Carbine met directly with Haman Karn to discuss their future plans.[2] Following the Destruction of the Gate of Zedan, Axis Zeon quickly took action to seize the Gryps II Colony Laser for themselves.[3]

With their base destroyed, the Titan's power in space significantly decreased. With rumors circulating that the Earth Federation intended to disown the Titans entirely, Haman Karn offered the Titans the chance to join Axis Zeon, to which they declined.[4]

Unbeknownst to the AEUG at the time, the Axis astroids trajectory not only put it on course with the Gate of Zedan, but also with the lunar city of Granada. This action would severely damage Axis Zeon's relationship with the AEUG, with the AEUG later battling against Axis Zeon for control of the Colony Laser during Operation Maelstrom to prevent Axis from colliding into Granada.[5]

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