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Destroyer Dom (デストロイヤードム, Desutoroiyā Domu) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.

...let's get this destruction party started!


The Dark Axis weapons expert and the third squad leader sent by Commander Sazabi. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for in pure destructive firepower. In the beginning of the series, he is able to talk normally ("Finally a weapon! It's rather primitive, but it'll have to do!"), but as the series progresses, his dictionary deteriorates ("Me wanna shoot BIG GUN! BOOM!"). Destroyer Dom loves having new weapons to use, and gets upset when he doesn't have any. Destroyer Dom is usually followed by a trailer full of weapons called a Gallop.

Before the Series

Before Destroyer Dom appeared in the show, he was simply known as Dom and did not have a commander fin. He and Grappler Gouf (known as Gouf back then) were members of the audience in Zapper Zaku's (known as Zaku back then) battle with Solitary Gyan. Before the match started, Dom stated that a fight without weapons was boring, as the rules stated that no weapons were to be used in the match. Witnessing Solitary Gyan resort to cheating and using a flamethrower against Zaku, Dom was confused as to where Solitary Gyan got the flamethrower from. When Zaku snapped and started firing his machine guns in every direction, Dom took cover to avoid getting shot. After that, when Zaku killed Solitary Gyan after he begged for mercy, Dom commented that Zaku had killed an opponent that surrendered.

Some time between that and the Dark Axis' campaign against Neotopia, Dom earned a commander fin of his own and changed his name to Destroyer Dom. Destroyer Dom gained a reputation of being extremely effective in combat conditions, but he was known to become a bit too enthusiastic in combat. He also had a nearly perfect record. Grappler Gouf held a grudge against Destroyer Dom because the last time they worked together, Destroyer Dom fried Grappler Gouf's mother board. Zapper Zaku also learned to hate Destroyer Dom because Destroyer Dom damaged Zapper Zaku's device manager at some point. Zapper Zaku mentioned that Destroyer Dom is "kept in reserve" (locked up) when he is not on missions.

Final Member of the Dark Axis Trio

After the second failure of Grappler Gouf and Zapper Zaku in their plan to take over Neotopia, Commander Sazabi assigned Destroyer Dom as the new squad leader to their team. Despite the concerns of squad leaders, Commander Sazabi's decision was final. When Destroyer Dom's fellow squad leaders told him that they didn't forget what he did to them, (frying Grappler Gouf's mother board and damaging Zapper Zaku's device manager) Destroyer Dom's response was to point two bazookas at them, immediately quelling their objections. When Destroyer Dom's team went through the Zakorello Gate, they arrived at the very same place where the SDG were building a dimensional transport device so they could bring the fight to the Dark Axis. Despite not knowing what it was, Destroyer Dom immediately rushed over to destroy it. When Captain Gundam appeared, Destroyer Dom began his assault on Zapper Zaku's command, accidentally shooting his allies and nearly crushing Bell Wood. When Zero appeared and during the fight that broke out, Destroyer Dom constantly lost sight of his targets in the chaos. After the third time this happened, Destroyer Dom finally lost his temper and told his Gallop to initiate "Operation Wipe-out" and to fire at anything that moved; which included his own allies, the Gundam Force, Bell Wood, and Shute. Seeing that his enemies were on the run, Destroyer Dom ordered his Gallop to start the "Final Operation," which involved Destroyer Dom's Gallop firing all the weapons in its disposal, which caused massive damage to the dimensional transport device. Just when Destroyer Dom was going to finish off the Gundam Force, the dimensional transport device brought Bakunetsumaru to Neotopia. Seeing the new arrival as another target, Destroyer Dom ordered his Gallop to fire at the Musha Gundam, but Bakunetsumaru deflected the bullets and destroyed the missiles. Seeing an opportunity when Bakunetsumaru's back was turned, Destroyer Dom fired a missile at his enemy, but the projectile was intercepted by Captain Gundam, costing the Gundam his left arm. Deciding to try another approach, Destroyer Dom got on his Gallop and charged at Bakunetsumaru, but the Musha Gundam defeated Destroyer Dom, sending him and the rest of the Dark Axis through the Zakorello gate.

In his next appearance, Destroyer Dom appeared near a cake factory where Sayla was making a gigantic cake for Mayor Margret. After arriving, he discovered two Zakos inside his Gallop, who had removed all the numerous weapons inside so that they could clean it. Furious, Destroyer Dom punched the Zakos into the distance, ordering them to find weapons for him to use. Later, the Zakos contacted Destroyer Dom, reporting that they found a huge weapon, which was actually the gigantic cake the Sayla was making. When Destroyer Dom arrived, he managed to steal Zero's Vatras Sword and equipped himself with numerous weapons supplied by Anne, the AI of the cake factory who the Zakos had taken control of via a control horn. Destroyer Dom quickly started the fight by firing a rocket at his enemy, who avoided the projectile and started a "sword fight" with Destroyer Dom using an egg beater. Ordering the Zakos to do something about the human, Destroyer Dom continued to fight Zero. Later, Destroyer Dom fired two more rockets where Sayla was designing the cake, forcing Zero to redirect the rockets and guide them into the ceiling. Deciding to finish of the Knight Gundam while he was weakened, Destroyer Dom moved in for the kill. Before he could succeed, Captain Gundam appeared and used his Captain Punch to knock Destroyer Dom away, causing the Dark Axis squad leader to drop the Vatras Sword. Angered, Destroyer Dom ordered his Gallop to commence with "Operation Full Fire," Which involved both Destroyer Dom and his Gallop firing everything they had. However, Zero used his Lacroan Crescent to destroy all of Destroyer Dom's weapons and Anne's control horn, causing Destroyer Dom to collapse from the shock of seeing all of his weapons destroyed. Now free from the control horn, Anne threw Destroyer Dom, the Zakos, and the Gallop out of the cake factory and through the Zakorello Gate.

When Destroyer Dom, his Gallop, and the two Zakos returned to the Magna-Musai, the same Zakos did a feature about Destroyer Dom’s Gallop in the Zako Zako Hour. The armored Zako said that the Gallop was the mobile weapons transport for Destroyer Dom and listed a few of the weapons that were inside. Hearing the Zakos mention his weapons, Destroyer Dom rushed on-stage and knocked the Zakos into the air. When Destroyer Dom found his weapons again, he was so happy that he celebrated by constantly firing his weapons while Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf sent a special team of Zakos on a mission to destroy Neotopia. In the following Zako Zako Hour, Destroyer Dom got in the middle of an argument between Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf, who were fighting over who was more photogenic. Destroyer Dom quickly defeated his fellow squad leaders, and they both admitted that Destroyer Dom was "the pretty one," to which Destroyer Dom responded "I'm pretty!"

Afterward, Commander Sazabi expressed his impatience with the trio by zapping them with his Fannels, telling them that they needed to work together in order to defeat the Gundam Force. Destroyer Dom managed to put aside his differences with Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf and went to Neotopia to finally defeat the Gundam Force. Destroyer Dom himself took on Captain Gundam, but lost due to Captain playing on his growing insecurities that appeared after Captain pointed out several problems with his bazooka. Afterward, he got together with Grappler Gouf and Zapper Zaku to perform their ultimate technique: Final Deadly Screaming Chaos Catastrophe. Before the attack could be unleashed, the Gundam Force used their own ultimate technique: Gundam Force Triple Attack. The Gundam Force sent the Dark Axis trio flying, and before the trio got back to the Magna-Musai, Destroyer Dom accidentally blew up the Komusai.

Later on, the Dark Axis sent two undercover Zakos to Neotopia in order to discover the Gundam Force's weaknesses. When it was Zero's turn, he reminisced about when he defeated Destroyer Dom with his Lacroan Crescent. Afterward, the Zakos showed a video about Zero's worst moments, which included when Destroyer Dom rammed Zero into a container of giant strawberries and stole his Vatras sword. When it became Bakunetsumaru's turn, he flashed back to when he first fought Destroyer Dom. Later, Shute tricked the Zakos into showing a video about the Dark Axis, and Destroyer Dom was the last of the squad leaders to be mentioned, and was shown alongside Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf, about to perform the Deadly Screaming Chaos Catastrophe. In the Zako Zako hour that followed, the main Zako hosts called out for the Dark Axis Trio to help them, but they didn't show up. When the Zakos began to cry, Destroyer Dom and the rest of the squad leaders appeared and told the hosts "Stop crying you idiots, we're just ignoring you!"

Some time afterward, the Dark Axis gained a new Komusai: the Komusai 2. Destroyer Dom was fitted with special flying equipment along with Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and a horde of Zakos for a new attempt to defeat the Gundam Force. Before they could commence with their mission, a pair of Zakos dumped a bucket of control horns onto the Komusai 2, sending it out of control in a wild rampage. Commander Sazabi ordered Destroyer Dom and his comrades to retrieve the Komusai 2 or face severe punishment. Destroyer Dom himself offered to give the Komusai 2 "a time out", but was kicked in the head by Zapper Zaku. After watching GunEagle fight the Komusai 2 for a while, Destroyer Dom decided to go along with his idea and shot down the Komusai 2 with his bazookas, which eventually caused the Komusai 2 to crash into the ocean. Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf started yelling at Destroyer Dom for his stupidity, and all three were chased away by GunEagle.

In order to get the Komusai 2 out of the sea, Destroyer Dom and the rest of his squad was equipped with swimming gear so they could function underwater. This time, Destroyer Dom equipped his Gallop with the same technology so he could bring it with him. When the team first entered the water, Destroyer Dom was having so much fun riding his Gallop that he crashed into Grappler Gouf. After spotting Captain and the GunDivers, the Dark Axis forces observed them before attacking. In the middle of the fight, Destroyer Dom initiated "Operation Full Fire" and fired all of his weapons at once in an attempt to defeat Captain Gundam, but the explosions caused the Komusai 2 to start sinking deeper into the water. When Destroyer Dom stated that the Komusai 2 was sinking, Grappler Gouf hit Destroyer Dom for his stupidity, and when Zapper Zaku said that Commander Sazabi would punish them for the next ten millennium, Destroyer Dom asked if that was longer than a week and a half. The entire Dark Axis squad rushed after the Komusai 2, but not before Grappler Gouf hit Destroyer Dom again. The Dark Axis was forced to assist the Gundams from letting the Komusai 2 sink too far down, and as they explained their reason for helping, Destroyer Dom said that the Commander would go crazy and punish them if they lost the Komusai 2. When it looked like they were going to fail, Destroyer Dom stated that they were going to get that ten millennium punishment. Finally, the rest of the GunDiver squad appeared to assist them, and Destroyer Dom asked if they were outnumbered. Eventually, they managed to succeed, but the Komusai 2 woke up and began another rampage. In the GunDiver's attack on the Komusai 2, Destroyer Dom and the rest of the Dark Axis were blown away by the GunDiver's Maximum Spiral Attack, and when the Komusai 2 was destroyed, Destroyer Dom finished Grappler Gouf's statement about that despite all their efforts, Commander Sazabi was going to punish them anyway. Destroyer Dom and the rest of the Dark Axis squad leaders were indeed punished by Commander Sazabi, who deduced that all three of them were no match for the Gundam Force and introduced them to someone who was: Ashuramaru.

In the Dark Axis trio's last attack on Neotopia; Destroyer Dom, Zapper Zaku, and Grappler Gouf boarded a Big-Zam in an attack on the SDG base. In the beginning of the attack, Destroyer Dom shouted that he wanted to fire the laser cannon. In the battle with the Gundam Force that followed, Destroyer Dom was tricked into using one of the Big-Zam's turret guns to fire on another part of the Big Zam. The Dark Axis trio eventually succeeded in bringing down the base, but the Big-Zam was defeated by the Gundam Force, and Destroyer Dom and the others were knocked offline when the SDG Base fell on top of the Big-Zam. After Sazabi was defeated, Destroyer Dom came back online and heard noises outside of the Big-Zam. It turned out to be the Gundam Force, who had came to capture the Dark Axis trio. Destroyer Dom and Grappler Gouf were able to escape capture, but Zapper Zaku was not so lucky.

Adventures with Genkimaru and Trying to Get Home

Destroyer Dom joined Grappler Gouf in infiltrating the Gundamusai in order to save Zapper Zaku by hiding in a cardboard box. Sometime after successfully infiltrating the Gundamusai, Destroyer Dom was lured by the smell of what he thought was high-powered weapons. Excited, Destroyer Dom followed the smell, but he got trapped in a room full of Elmice. Later on in a Zako Zako Hour, the blue microphone Zako hypothesized that Destroyer Dom and the other squad leaders were captured and modified by the SDG. In Destroyer Dom's case, it was theorized that his head was attached to the top of an SDG Assistant Ball.

Sometime after that, Destroyer Dom and Grappler Gouf found a small horde of Zakos who had hitched a ride on the Gundamusai in an attempt to return to the Dark Axis. Destroyer Dom was shocked to find that Zapper Zaku had been "brainwashed" by the SDG and was made the janitor of the Gundamusai. Zapper Zaku recruited Destroyer Dom and the rest of Dark Axis forces inside the Gundamusai into his janitorial service. When Genkimaru presented himself to the Dark Axis, Destroyer Dom was the first to state that Genkimaru was a baby Musha. Genkimaru convinced the Dark Axis (sans Zapper Zaku) to join him in a mutiny for control of the Gundamusai. When Destroyer Dom heard Genkimaru tell the Dark Axis to be prepared to use weapons, Destroyer Dom danced with joy. When Genkimaru showed the weapons they were going to use, the Dark Axis forces were surprised to see their old weapons, which included Destroyer Dom's Gallop; but Zapper Zaku opened a hatch that was underneath all the weapons, causing them to all fall into a pit, and the Gallop was never seen again after that. Nevertheless, the Destroyer Dom and the rest of the Dark Axis attacked the Gundam Force. Destroyer Dom himself fought Bakunetsumaru in a fist-fight, and while Destroyer Dom was unable to land a blow, his heavy armor prevented Bakunetsumaru from injuring him. In the middle of the fight, Destroyer Dom joined Grappler Gouf and Zapper Zaku, who broke free of his "brainwashing," and tried to use their Final Deadly Screaming Chaos Catastrophe. Unfortunately, Zapper Zaku's part in the attack was replaced with a watering pail extending from his head. In his anger, Destroyer Dom kicked Zapper Zaku in the back and repeatedly stomped on him along with Grappler Gouf, and the Dark Axis forces retreated back into the Gundamusai's engine room. When Zapper Zaku returned to his "brainwashed" status and ordered the Dark Axis to begin cleaning the Gundamusai, Destroyer Dom refused and walked away. In the Zako Zako Hour that followed, the red microphone Zako correctly theorized what happened to Destroyer Dom after he infiltrated the Gundamusai, and the yellow microphone Zako cried over Destroyer Dom's humiliation. At the end, Destroyer Dom angrily protested that he wasn't trapped, but eventually admitted that what the red microphone Zako theorized was true.

Destroyer Dom later witnessed the Gundam Force's fight with Griffin Tallgeese, who now had the evil sword Epyon, agreeing with Grappler Gouf that he knew that Tallgeese was strong enough to survive his last defeat. In the middle of the fight, Destroyer Dom shouted that he wanted the evil sword Epyon, but quickly changed his mind after seeing Griffin Tallgeese get possessed by the spirit within the sword and turned into the Berserker Epyon. Afterward, Destroyer Dom watched Epyon fight the Gundam Force, agreeing with Grappler Gouf that the Gundam Force and Epyon were going to destroy each other, and then scattering when Epyon came after the Dark Axis forces. When Deathscythe transported the Gundamusai to Lacroa, Destroyer Dom, the rest of the Dark Axis forces, and Genkimaru fell off the Gundamusai and into a cave.

Destroyer Dom wasted no time getting into an argument with Grappler Gouf and Zapper Zaku about their next course of action and who should lead the Zakos, with Destroyer Dom himself saying that their main priority should be finding weapons. Genkimaru eventually took command of the Zakos and Destroyer Dom decided to follow him. Later on, Destroyer Dom showed his dislike for organics by backing away from the bananas that Genkimaru presented to the Dark Axis. Unlike the rest of the Dark Axis forces, Destroyer Dom was only disgusted by the bananas instead of terrified. After listening to Genkimaru talk about his plans to conquer Ark, Destroyer Dom attempted to fight off a giant BaguBagu, but was unable to do so without his weapons. Genkimaru managed to save them, but the giant BaguBagu carried Genkimaru away. Deprived of his new leader, Destroyer Dom decided to follow Grappler Gouf only to have Cobramaru appear and return a sleeping Genkimaru to them. Destroyer Dom celebrated along with the Zakos, but was swept away by a river of Mnns that also carried Bakunetsumaru and Tallgeese.

Destroyer Dom and everyone that was swept away by the river of Mnns ended up in Deathscythe's lair, where the rest of the Gundam Force and Deathscythe were confronting each other. Destroyer Dom landed on Grappler Gouf, and the Zakos carried him back to the Gundamusai. There, Destroyer Dom witnessed Zero’s final battle with Deathscythe, and in the aftermath he was teleported back into the Minov Boundary Sea along with everyone else on board the Gundamusai. Destroyer Dom retreated back into Gundamusai’s engine room. Shortly afterward, Destroyer Dom joined Grappler Gouf in another mutiny attempt, which involved the entire Dark Axis force (sans Zapper Zaku) taking the Re-Equip Ring hostage. As Grappler Gouf threatened the Gundam Force through the security camera, Destroyer Dom expressed his annoyance at only finding useless junk instead of weapons. When the Gundam Force (sans Zero) confronted the Dark Axis forces, Destroyer Dom danced around in joy for finally finding weapons. In the "battle" that followed, Destroyer Dom and a legion of Zakos chased after Bakunetsumaru and Shute, only to realize that the beam rifle he had was empty. Frustrated, Destroyer Dom ordered the Zakos to get their enemies anyway. Later, Destroyer Dom tried to fight Bakunetsumaru with a frying pan, but he, Grappler Gouf, and the Zakos were tricked into standing in front of the Re-equip ring, which ejected from the Gundamusai, taking all of the Dark Axis forces with it. Destroyer Dom was blamed by Grappler Gouf for the failed mutiny, but Destroyer Dom simply announced that he was getting queasy.

When Professor Gerbera attempted to recruit Captain Gundam and sent the Gundamusai out of control, Destroyer Dom announced his dizziness as he flew around the engine room. Destroyer Dom later acknowledged the bright light that shined throughout the Gundamusai that came from Captain's Soul Drive. Destroyer Dom was a member of the audience in the Zako Zako hour that followed. The hosts of the Zako Zako Hour theorized that Destroyer Dom had a Soul Drive, as well as Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf (it has not been proven to be a fact or a theory). While Grappler Gouf decided to make another attempt at a mutiny after Captain was seriously damaged by Gerbera, Destroyer Dom didn't pay any attention to him as he was too infatuated by Gerbera's mask, which he mistook for a weapon. When Kibaomaru attacked the Gundamusai, Grappler Gouf tried to use it as a chance to take over the ship. Destroyer Dom ignored Grappler Gouf again, and continued to play with a group of Zakos who were dressing themselves up using Gerbera's armor and pretending to be Gerbera. Later on, when Kibaomaru opened a crack in the Minov Boundary Sea, Destroyer Dom tried to keep his footing as the Gundamusai headed into the crack. In the end of the following Zako Zako Hour, Destroyer Dom sailed over the stage and announced his queasiness.

Destroyer Dom eventually grabbed hold of a support beam and held on for dear life. Fortunately, Destroyer Dom and the rest of the Dark Axis forces inside of the Gundamusai were saved thanks to the Daishogun of Perfect Virtue, who helped the Gundamusai escape through a hole in space time created by Genkimaru, causing Destroyer Dom to once again roll around the floor of the Gundamusai's engine room. When the Gundamusai landed in Ark, Destroyer Dom and his comrades found a working Big-Zam in a battlefield littered with them. Finding their way into the Big-Zam's control room, Destroyer Dom, Grappler Gouf, and Zapper Zaku took command of the Big-Zam. Unfortunately, they were unable to completely control the Big-Zam and it stumbled into Britainmaru's base where it was single-handedly defeated by the new Hyper Captain Gundam. Upon their defeat, Destroyer Dom was captured and imprisoned along with the rest of his forces. Later, when the Cobramaru Clan attacked Britainmaru's base, Destroyer Dom took notice of the explosions and was blown up along with his fellow prisoners by one of the Cobramaru Clan's bombs.

Destroyer Dom did not make any more appearances until after the Gundam Force's final battle with Kibaomaru, when Genkimaru used the Daishinshou to flip the Tenchijo Castle, and the resulting crash freed Destroyer Dom and his allies. When the Dark Axis base appeared in Ark, Destroyer Dom celebrated with his friends at the thought of finally being able to go home. However, when Professor Gerbera appeared and announced that everyone would be annihilated and Zapper Zaku guessed that Gerbera meant that the trio and the Zakos on Ark would also be annihilated, Destroyer Dom stated that things did not look good. When the Doga Bombers attacked, Destroyer Dom could do nothing but flee, along with the Zakos, Zapper Zaku, and Grappler Gouf. After that battle, Destroyer Dom witnessed the return of General Zeong, but was once again forced to run away to avoid Zeong's onslaught. When Captain decided to use all his power to save Shute from General Zeong, Destroyer Dom was among the many who cheered for Captain, giving him the power he needed to destroy General Zeong's body.

When General Zeong's head attempted to flee after a failed attempt to destroy his enemies (which destroyed the Dark Axis main base), Destroyer Dom called out to Zeong, telling not to go. Zapper Zaku rallied Destroyer Dom and Grappler Gouf, telling them to defeat Zeong. Caught up in the moment, Destroyer Dom worked together with his fellow squad leaders to successfully pull off the Final Deadly Screaming Chaos Catastrophe for the first time. When the Gundam Force added their own powers, Zeong was destroyed for good. Destroyer Dom instantly regretted what he did, but Zapper Zaku convinced him that Zeong wasn't "worth it." After Zapper Zaku revealed that his "brainwashing" was just an act so that he could get revenge on Zeong, Destroyer Dom celebrated, happy to have his old comrade back. However, when Zapper Zaku pretended to be brainwashed again to avoid getting arrested, Destroyer Dom and the Zakos face-faulted.

After the final battle, Destroyer Dom helped bring the Tenchijo Castle right-side up. Afterward, Destroyer Dom and the rest of the remaining Dark Axis forces decided to stay in Ark as a part of the Genki Energy Force. Destroyer Dom was last seen inside the control center of a Big Zam that walked away into the distance.


While Destroyer Dom is usually seen using bazookas, he has countless weapons that he stores in his Gallop. A few of the weapons in his Gallop include a beam cannon, a chain-sword, a gripper, an axe, and countless guns and missile launchers. Destroyer Dom's Gallop is a weapon itself, with guns on both sides and a giant drill that can be used in a ramming attack. In "A Princess, A Cake, and the Winged Knight" (SDGF episode 8), Destroyer Dom stole Zero's Vatras sword and used missiles with giant strawberry warheads, candle-shaped rockets, and bombs. When Zapper Zaku got rid of Destroyer Dom's weapons, Destroyer Dom stole Captain Gundam's beam rifle. Destroyer Dom also used a frying pan in a fight with Bakunetsumaru, and has been a pilot for a Big-Zam three times. Finally, Destroyer Dom has an energy cannon inside a hidden compartment in his chest, which he only uses to perform his part in the Final Deadly Screaming Chaos Catastrophe.



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