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Destined Battle! Domon vs. Devil Gundam is the twenty-third episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


The other members of the Shuffle Alliance all escape the Guyana Highlands. Domon stays back to defeat Master Asia and the Devil Gundam. Meanwhile in the Neo Japan space colony, Major Ulube and Dr Mikamura decide to send the God Gundam down to the Guyana Highlands as the Shining Gundam doesn't have enough power to defeat the Devil Gundam. They are hesitant because the God Gundam was only supposed to be used during the finals. Rain contacts them and informs them that Domon is still stuck in the Guyana Highlands, so they finally decide to send the God Gundam down. Back in the Guyana Highlands, Domon is getting thrashed by Master Asia, who is bent on forcing Domon to engage the Super Mode. The attempts at angering Domon are working, and he is slowly losing control until Schwarz Bruder shows up and tries to calm down Domon. Schwarz leaves, hoping Domon will calm down if he fights alone, but Domon's anger wins and he goes on a rampage. Master Asia is easily able to fend off Domon's wild attacks, but Schwarz comes back to Domon's aid. Master Asia destroys Schwarz's cockpit, seriously injuring Schwarz in the process. This calms Domon down, and Schwarz reminds Domon of his training in the cave. Realizing what his training was for, he achieves a serene state of mind, unlocking the True Super Mode. He easily defeats Master Asia and attacks the Devil Gundam with his Shining Finger, seemingly destroying it. Schwarz mask then falls off as he stops Master Asia from reaching Domon.

Important Events

  • Domon achieved True Super Mode

Featured Gundam Fights

Shining Gundam and Gundam Spiegel vs. Master Gundam and Devil Gundam

  • Winner: Shining Gundam
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