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The Delaz Fleet is a name given to renegade group of Zeon forces left over from the One Year War. The leader of the Delaz Fleet is Augille Delaz, a former Principality of Zeon Space Attack Force Admiral.


The Delaz Fleets Origins can be traced back to the Battle of A Boa Qu, when Kycilia Zabi assinated her brother Gihren. At the time Delaz and his fleet were activly engaged in the defense of A Baoa Qu, but when word reached Delaz about the death of his good friend and commander, Delaz was overwhelmed with anger. He ordered all of his mobile suits to return to their ships, and ordered all of his ships to change heading and leaving A Baoa Qu. The retiring ships of the Delaz fleet left as the Federation began gaining the upper hand, and before long the space fortress collapsed.

Post One Year War

Delaz, his ships, his mobile suits, and his personnel settled into the shoal zone created from the destruction of Side 5 during the Battle of Loum, and set up their headquarters. Within a year, the Delaz Fleet members were conducting guerrilla warfare against the Federation. In UC 0082 the fleet began production of MS at the headquarters.

Operation Stardust

In UC 0083 spies for the Delaz Fleet confirmed the existence of the Gundam Development Project, and Delaz began to strength his ties with anti-Federation movements. In October of UC 0083 the Delaz fleet pulled of a daring hijack of a Gundam, and the entire fleet sailed in November to put Stardust into motion. The Delaz Fleet was entrusted with attacking the Federation's Naval review, and escorted a hijacked colony to the point of no return; unfortunatly, the Delaz Fleet was anihilated shortly after breaking contact with the hijacked colony.

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