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The Deep Space Survey and Development Organization (DSSD) is a neutral scientific organization in the Cosmic Era established for the purpose of "advancing the frontier" from survey and development of regions beyond the orbit of Mars. Most notably, they are the creators of the GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam - a mobile suit intended for space exploration.


The Earth Alliance, PLANTs and the other neutral nations have all participated in the establishment of the Deep Space Survey and Development Organization, with the aim for the advancement of all nations, religions and races. As a private organization devoted to scientific pursuits, DSSD tries to maintain a non-threatening appearance to avoid being seen as a private militia or weapons manufacturer, although they do maintain some customized civilian Astrays for the defense of some of their facilities. DSSD has outposts within both Earth Alliance and PLANT territory: their Technology Development Center and launch base, F.E., is located on the outskirts of Fortaleza, South America. Oddly enough, DSSD apparently does not have access to a mass driver for launching deep space missions even though mass drivers are much more practical than the traditional shuttle rocket systems used by DSSD. However, this is very understandable as other nations may not trust the DSSD enough to allow them use of their mass drivers.

The Earth Alliance (and their Blue Cosmos and LOGOS benefactors) have shown great interest in the AI unit of the Stargazer Gundam and they plan to appropriate it by force. As a means to that end one of Phantom Pain's ships, the Nana Buluku, was sent to storm DSSD's Troya space station with the Verde Buster, Strike Noir and many Slaughter Daggers. Nearly half of the DSSD researchers were killed in the attack, and the space station was fully destroyed. Conversely, the Nana Buluku possibly lost all of its mobile suit compliment, and was finally sunk by a propulsion laser fired from the DSSD's satellite Apollon A.


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