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--I won't let anyone... be erased.

—Dee Triel

Dee Triel (ディー・トリエル) is a heroine of the SD Gundam G Generation video game SD Gundam G Generation DS. Although she does not appear as a playable character until the Gryps War/First Alliance-PLANT War arc.


Originally called D.Trial, Dee is the first successful specimen and originator of the Legion enhanced humans. Being the originator, Dee is free from the Legion hive-mind and acts like an independent entity. As such, Norma Legio and fellow Legion call Dee Xenosia. She somehow escapes from Zeon's lab and joins AEUG.

When Dee joins the player's squad, she's either part of (new) Albion's crew piloting the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki or Karaba's RMS-099 Rick Dias pilot. Dee is portrayed as a timid, stand-offish and extremely quiet girl, even more so than Tiffa Adill. A long conversasion with Dee often gets responded to with weak mumbling like "um...". As it turns out, most of the nameless (in-game) officers fear her since Dee's ability as Legion gives her both a Coordinators's physical ability and a Newtype's psychic ability. Dee's personal Centurio is Tria, known to automatically rush to help its master in time of need, only to leave afterwards.

Nevertheless, Dee made some friends among her fellow pilots. Notable are Kou Uraki and Roux Louka, who are her squadmates on the Albion's crew, Apolly Bay, who offered her friendship since their first meeting and Kira Yamato, who encourages Dee to stay and help the team when she tries to run away.

During the battle at GENESIS, when Athrun Zala is knocked unconscious by Legion as he going to self-destruct ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam, Dee tries to rescue Athrun but ends up getting captured herself. Norma uses mind control to manipulate Dee and sends her to fight against her old comrades. However, Dee eventually snaps free from the mind control and rejoins with her friends to defeat Legion. After the battle, she's the only Legion to survive.

Near the end of game, Dee show another unique character trait. She has hard time when talking with other people (her dialogue all appears katakana, suggesting her unnatural accent - possibly a robotic manner). "Talking" to others using newtype telephathy is much easier for her.

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