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The Decent Capsule Dropship is a class of ship used by ZAFT in the Cosmic Era timeline.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Decent Capsule Dropship was designed with the purpose of transporting mobile suits from space and deploying them within the atmosphere. The Dropship holds 11 Decent Capsules, each able to hold 4 mobile suits. Once stationed in low-planetary orbit, the capsules are released from the Dropship and quickly descend to the Earth.

The Decent Capsule Dropship is minimally armed, with only a pair of Dual Anti-Aircraft Guns for defense, as the ship is meant to be protected by an escort fleet.


  • Dual Anti-Aircraft Guns

Special Equipment & Features


ZAFT would use the Decent Capsule Dropship during the Operation Splitbreak and the Battle of Port Panama.



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