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Dearka Elsman (ディアッカ・エルスマン Diakka Erusuman?) is a character introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. Dearka is the pilot of the stolen Buster Gundam and engages the Archangel as a member of the Le Creuset Team throughout the First Alliance-PLANT War. During the Second Alliance-PLANT War he is assigned to the Joule Team, commanded by Yzak Joule.  

Dearka's father, Tad Elsman, is a member of the PLANT Supreme Council, representing the PLANT Febuarius, and a supporter of Patrick Zala during the First Alliance-PLANT War. Dearka's initial negative view of Naturals are shared by his father. 

Personality & Character

Dearka has a humorous and somewhat arrogant personality, especially towards Naturals, who he initially referred to as "weaklings" with his usual sarcasm. Due to this, Dearka is closest to Yzak in the Le Creuset Team, though he will occasionally find fun at fanning Yzak's overpassionate personality even further. In the later part of SEED, Dearka would often poke fun at Mu La Flaga's age, referring to him constantly as "old man", something the commander takes offense to.

Commander Le Creuset indirectly refers to Yzak and Dearka not being model soldiers, which is why he prefers them to Nicol and Athrun. Being a lot alike, especially in their views towards Naturals, Dearka often backs his more verbally direct teammate and friend, Yzak, in any quarrels amongst the four of them. After Gundam SEED Destiny however, Dearka begins to act less of a stimulant for Yzak's temper and attempts to calm him when he loses his temper, especially towards Athrun.

After his first-hand experiences aboard the Archangel, especially with the CIC officer Miriallia Haw, Dearka re-evaluates his opinions towards the Naturals and realizes that all human life is equally worth protecting. His view regarding the war between Naturals and Coordinators also takes a drastic change after Kira and Athrun's discussion regarding the deaths of Nicol Amalfi and Tolle Koenig, where he understands that holding on to such grudges and preconceptions would only lead to further bloodshed.

Skills & Abilities

A skilled pilot, Dearka is a ZAFT red and a member of the elite Le Creuset and Joule teams (later promoted to Black uniform). During his time at the military academy, Dearka placed third in the Le Creuset team. He specializes in long range combat, piloting the artillery mobile suit GAT-X103 Buster Gundam during the First Alliance-PLANT War. During the Second Alliance-PLANT War, he piloted the artillery use ZGMF-1000/A1 Gunner ZAKU Warrior, before switching to a high mobility use ZGMF-1001/M Blaze ZAKU Phantom. With the Blaze Zaku Phantom, Dearka also showed that he is is capable of close range combat, defeating a number of mobile suits and battleships. He is able to match highly skilled pilots such as Mu La Flaga, and can hold his own against Extended pilots.


Gundam SEED

Stealing Buster Gundam

The Le Creuset Team infiltrated the Orb colony Heliopolis. At a Morgenroete factory, they locate the five Earth Alliance mobile suits. Dearka took the Buster and escaped back to the Vesalius. However, only four of the mobile suits were captured; the last one, the Strike, unknown to them, was being piloted by an Orb Coordinator named Kira Yamato after Rusty Mackenzie's untimely death during the attack. Like Yzak, Dearka cares little for the state of Heliopolis in the ensuing battle within; laughing that their demise was brought by karma for manufacturing weapons against them.

Battles with the Archangel

With the Buster, Dearka took part in multiple battles with the Archangel following the collapse of Heliopolis. In the Artemis base, Nicol used Mirage Colloid to sneak into the base and destroy the lightwave barrier generators, allowing Dearka and Yzak to join him and destroy the base. Following Artemis, Dearka engages against the Archangel twice, with him and Nicol facing the ship while Athrun and Yzak were tasked with destroying the Strike or at least holding it at bay. Unfortunately, the ship's defense and laminated armor prevents Dearka from causing any real damage in their first battle, and Mu La Flaga's ambush on the Vesalius, forces them to retreat. In the second battle, Kira's skills with the Strike spontaneously improve, and the Le Creuset Team is forced to retreat again after Yzak is wounded by the Strike, scarring his face as a result.

When the Archangel was going to descend to Earth the Le Creuset team intercepted the Archangel with the 8th Fleet. Dearka and the others destroyed multiple battleships when the Archangel descended to earth. When Kira launched in his GAT-X105+AQM/E-X01 Aile Strike Gundam once more, Yzak and Dearka chased him until they both got caught in the Earth's gravitational pull. Luckily they both survived and were sent to the "Desert Tiger" Andrew Waltfeld. They took part in his last battle with the Archangel in the desert, where Waltfeld ordered the pair remain on top of the Lesseps while he faced the Strike. Yzak and Dearka, however, soon became impatient and jumped off after seeing that the Archangel's path had been blocked by an abandoned factory, but their units immediately sunk under the sand due to their failure to adjust their units' density to the soft terrain. Despite this, Dearka takes a shot against the Archangel, but misses and accidentally clears its path by demolishing the factory obstructing it.

Zala Team

In the sea, Dearka and Yzak reunited with Athrun and Nicol, where it is revealed that Athrun has now succeeded Rau as the team's leader, and the team being renamed as the Zala Team. Knowing the ship's attempt to escape to the neutral Orb Union to evade their attacks, the Zala Team is able to catch the Archangel before reaching Orb territory. Unfortunately, their battle eventually drags near the country's waters, causing their coast guard to arrive and force the battle to a halt. Not wishing to cause a wide-scale fiasco, Athrun obliges and orders the team to begrudgingly retreat. After this obstacle, Dearka and the others enter Orb posing as civilians to try and find the Archangel.

Although their search for the Archangel in the Orb Union yields no results, Athrun remains confident that the ship is still around and has the team continue waiting in the outskirts of Orb. After a prolonged period of time, the Archangel, true to Athrun's predictions, finally emerges, Dearka and the others waste little time attacking the ship. The operation goes awry when Kira's skills had significantly improved once again, and the Strike single-handedly shoots down all of the Zala Team's members off of their respective Guuls. Seeing Athrun in danger, Nicol ends up sacrificing himself to allow Athrun and the others to escape safely. As soon as they return, Dearka is forced to act as the team's mediator when Yzak blames Athrun's leadership for Nicol's death, and urges the pair to focus their efforts in defeating the Strike.

The reinvigorated team later faces the Archangel at a nearby island, where Dearka is left to deal with Mu's FX-550 Skygrasper, Yzak is facing the Strike and Athrun is destroying the Archangel's weapons. Midway through, Yzak is eventually outmatched and is knocked off his Guul once again, causing Athrun to shift his target to facing the Strike in a forest. This move, however, inadvertently leaves Dearka isolated in facing both Mu and the Archangel, who still had its main Gottfried cannons at its disposal. Eventually, Dearka's Guul is also destroyed, and he and Mu end up trading shots with one another, with Dearka clipping Mu's wing, while Buster's arm is destroyed. Upon crashing, Dearka realizes the damage and fall had disabled Buster's movements, and with the Archangel's main guns locked on him, Dearka is forced to surrender.

Prisoner of the Archangel

Dearka is held captive on the Archangel, where he immediately pokes fun at a tearful Miriallia Haw, not knowing the death of her boyfriend during Dearka's capture. Due to his injuries, he is kept bound at the ship's medical bay, where he coincidentally meets Miriallia again. After repeated insults to both her and her boyfriend, Miriallia immediately grabs a nearby knife and attempts to kill Dearka. Their scuffle attracts both Sai Argyle and Flay Allster, the former immediately moving to restrain Miriallia. Flay, however, finds a gun and prepares to kill Dearka due to her hatred for Coordinators, but Miriallia, remembering that Kira was also a Coordinator, snaps back and tackles Flay down, saving Dearka.

Thanks to this altercation, Dearka is forced to recover from his wounds in the ship's lower deck. When Miriallia brings his food, he inquires of the state of her late boyfriend, and she asks him if he had any knowledge of destroying a Skygrasper. Their interaction improves when Dearka denies having ever shot down a fighter plane with its description. When the Archangel deserted the Alliance and joined Orb, the Archangel crew decided to release Dearka as they had no reason to keep him and due to the incoming battle between the Alliance and Orb. He was then freed by Miriallia, who also informed him that his Buster had been taken back to Morgenroete for repairs. Dearka soon asks what she intends to do, only for her to respond that she still has people she wishes to protect and will continue on fighting.

Joining the Archangel

Wandering around Orb, Dearka witnessed the battle between Orb forces, including the Archangel, against the Alliance's forces. He then recalled Miriallia's words and decided to retake his Buster and provides support fire for the Archangel along with helping Mu, now piloting the Strike, in dealing with the hordes of GAT-01 Strike Daggers. Dearka's help, and the surprise reinforcements of Athrun and his ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam turns the tide of the battle and makes the Alliance retreat.

During the small intermission, Dearka and Miriallia listen on to both Kira and Athrun having a reflection regarding having personal grudges, most especially when Kira reveals that he had killed the pilot of the Blitz, who was Athrun's good friend, but Athrun had killed Tolle. Although he attempts to comfort an emotional Miriallia, much to surprised to Dearka, she told him to stop mention about it and keep moving on, as such hatred would only lead to more unnecessary conflicts.

When the Orb forces are eventually overwhelmed by the numerically superior Alliance forces, Uzumi Nara Athha orders Orb's remaining troops to flee to space and maintain their principles. As the Buster is not equipped for aerial combat, Dearka is forced to sit out of the final battle on Earth and remained docked within the Archangel in its return to space.

During the Battle of Mendel, he confronts his close friend Yzak Joule, who accuses him of betraying both ZAFT and the PLANTs. Dearka admits he really is not betraying them, it is just that after being in the Archangel's brig he learned to gain some respect for the Naturals after befriending Miriallia when she saved his life. Dearka knows he can't return to ZAFT because of Patrick Zala's current goal of exterminating all of the Naturals since he has now decided to refuse to follow orders of killing Naturals indiscriminately. Although Yzak refused to believe it and thinks that Dearka is being deceived, Dearka responds by questioning who among them is truly being deceived. At the conclusion of the battle, Dearka and Athrun also give a parting salute to the Vesalius, which had been sunk during the skirmish.

Second Battle of Jachin Due

During the Second Battle of Jachin Due, Buster initially arrives to provide support for Yzak's defense team when the PLANTs are targeted by the Earth Alliance's nuclear missiles. When GENESIS is fired and wipes half of the Alliance's fleet, all sides withdraw temporarily to assess the new change. Before setting off to stop both nuclear weapons, Dearka immediately complains of the insanity of having to stop both sides, but Miriallia immediately quips he should quit if he will complain. She later sends him a message shortly after, apologizing for her joke and asking him to stay safe.

Dearka later damages the GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam's shields with the Buster's Anti-Armor Shotgun, allowing Yzak to finish off the unit and killing its pilot, Shani Andras. With most of its nukes destroyed and the loss of its flagship, Dominion, the Alliance forces weaken significantly, and Dearka is tasked with protecting the damaged Archangel, while Athrun's party will focus on stopping GENESIS.

Rau soon arrives with the ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam and immediately targets the Archangel. When Dearka attempts to respond, he finds himself powerless against the Providence's DRAGOONs and Buster is seriously damaged. Yzak soon rushes in to retrieve Dearka, only for the pair to be met by Clotho Buer and the GAT-X370 Raider Gundam. Yzak eventually takes Buster's Hyper Bazooka and dispatches Raider before bringing Dearka back to the Archangel. Rather than rest in the medical bay, Dearka decided to observe the remainder of the battle on the Archangel's bridge. After the war, Dearka decided to return to ZAFT now that the PLANTs were under stable leadership again.

Gundam SEED Destiny

Following his return to ZAFT, Dearka and Yzak were tried for various war crimes committed throughout the war, and, according to Yzak, were likely to have faced death. To their defense comes new PLANT Chairman, Gilbert Durandal, who chides the others for punishing children for simply a fighting a war started by adults, and advised the jury to not sacrifice the same youths that would eventually rebuild the future. Both Dearka and Yzak are acquitted thanks to Chairman Durandal, and the pair rejoin ZAFT, with Yzak still retaining control over the Joule Team, and Dearka accompanying him. It was also suggested that Miriallia and Dearka attempted to start a relationship, but she had dumped him as she couldn't stand people who try to nitpick and complain about the choices she makes with her life.

Dearka reappears in Phase-05, as Yzak's right hand man aboard the Nazca-class battleship, Voltaire. The Joule Team was sent to demolish the ruins of Junius Seven, which were on a crash course to Earth due to the tampering of extremist followers of Patrick Zala. Dearka was sent out to lead the rest of the Joule Team in setting Meteor Breakers up all around the destroyed colony with help from the Minerva. They are soon bombarded by the extremists followed by Phantom Pain and the stolen units of Armory One, who had misinterpreted the situation and believed ZAFT to be in collusion with the terrorists.

Fighting in his customized Gunner ZAKU Warrior, they manage to hold off the attacks of the extremists and Phantom Pain long enough to cut the colony in half. Athrun, who had been aboard the Minerva at the time, calls for demolition to continue, surprising both Yzak and Dearka. The trio later work together with Dearka handling a Meteor Breaker while Yzak and Athrun handle external threats for him. He and Yzak later return back when the Colony nears Earth's ozone, leaving the Minerva to continue demolition in its descent to Earth.

The Earth Alliance launches a preemptive attack on the PLANTs after these events, and the Joule Team joins in the mass defense against them. As they hold one team off, the Alliance sneaks a second team in from a different direction, armed with nuclear missiles. Shocked, Dearka and Yzak rush in to try and stop them, but are unable to make it. Luckily, ZAFT was armed with a new weapon, the Neutron Stampeder, which takes all of the ships out.

Following these events, Athrun was facing indecisiveness at Gilbert's offer to allow him back into ZAFT, pretty new mobile suit and all. He gets a visit from Dearka and Yzak, and he explains that if he wants to go out, his stay was still considered a visit by someone from a foreign country, and with recent events it was a precaution of sorts, so they were sent for that reason, also because somebody (most likely Chairman Durandal) knew about the relationship between the three.

They go to visit the graves of Nicol, Miguel and Rusty, and talk about recent events. Dearka and Yzak explain that it can't be helped that ZAFT had then declared their right to aggressive self-defense, because the Alliance attempted to destroy the PLANTs with nuclear weapons. When Athrun is asked to return to ZAFT again, they explain that both of them faced a number of problems after the first war, but Gilbert stood by them and said that youths such as themselves shouldn't be punished for the actions started by their leaders, and that because of what they've been through, they should be the ones entrusted with the future. Dearka explains that's why he's still in ZAFT, because he knows he could make something of it for the sake of the PLANTs and his friends, just like Yzak does.

When LOGOS is pronounced as the background cause of all of these conflicts by profiting on the economy of warfare, Yzak is visibly irritated by these events. When he snaps at a group of soldiers for taking the situation lightly, Dearka tries to calm him down and remarks that his head is going to explode one day, with his temper.

Around the time that Lacus Clyne finally reveals herself to the world against Meer who had been impersonating her up until then, ZAFT forces are sent out to battle against the Alliance, who had deployed strange, cylinder shaped things toward PLANT. Dearka launches with the Joule Team determined to destroy these objects that the Alliance are trying to protect. They turn out to be part of the Requiem, a giant laser on the moon that then fires and destroys six PLANTs; four direct hits, two more from the impact of the four. Dearka and Yzak barely make it out of the way of the Requiem's beam, and then watch in helpless horror as over a million and a half people are killed in front of their eyes. Dearka and the Joule Team passionately follow Yzak's order to take out the Gounods before the Requiem can fire again at all costs. When ZAFT launches a counter-attack, Dearka and the Joule Team fight as hard as they can.

In the final battle, Dearka remarks that it was only natural that neither of them would be contacted by Kira or Athrun prior to the battle. He later playfully asks Yzak what they were doing, and if they planned on launching and getting themselves killed. Yzak calls him stupid and tells him that he shouldn't have sortied if he's going to think like that, and then follows him out to the battlefield. They eventually make their way to Athrun, with Dearka remarking that even in their situation, they still held no love for the Requiem or its relay stations and offered their support to help destroy them with Athrun. Dearka and Yzak later provide Athrun and Kira cover as they eventually destroy one of the relay stations.

Yzak orders Dearka and his team to defend the Eternal, stating that it was a ZAFT ship, and warns them away from the Messiah's line-of-fire. When the battle comes to an end, and once everything settles down, Dearka stays aboard the Voltaire and watches the ship while Yzak escorts Lacus Clyne back to the PLANTs. At the end when Lacus is escorted into the council room, one of the soldiers in line is Dearka in a black commander uniform.

In both Final Plus and the HD Remaster, Dearka's ZAKU had been damaged in the fighting, but he remained untouched throughout the final battle in the original.

During Gundam SEED Destiny: The Edge, Dearka and Yzak's response to the events in the series' later half are further explored. When the pair learn of Athrun's supposed betrayal death after his stolen GOUF Ignited is shot down, the pair are shocked and saddened at the realization that they are the only members of the Zala Team left. Dearka and Yzak later learn of the appearances of Archangel, Freedom, and Justice during the invasion of Orb, leading them to believe that Athrun had somehow survived.

When the Joule team begins demolishing one of Requiem's relay stations, one of the team members is too caught in the fervor that he is nearly killed by a Zamza-Zah if not for Yzak's intervention. After Yzak gives the pilot a harsh scolding, Dearka simply replies that their commander simply didn't want anyone else to die in vain.

Dearka and Yzak are not enthusiastic regarding the announcement of Chairman Durandal's Destiny Plan or of the firing of Requiem at the Alliance's Arzachel Lunar Base. Dearka later listens to Yzak's speech of how anything can happen in the heat of battle and that everyone must be prepared to make their own choice should such events occur. Dearka later asks Yzak if he's looking forward to seeing Kira and Athrun again before they depart for the Battle of Messiah.

Gundam SEED Theatre

Dearka acts as the deutoragonist of the first two Theatre episodes, which highlight Yzak's jealousy against Athrun. This is highly over-exaggerated with Yzak's failure to defeat Athrun in any field, even including highly frivolous ones. Dearka ends up coming along Yzak's attempt to find Athrun's "secret weapon". The two end up spying on Athrun during a game with Kira, where the two enter SEED mode and destroy each others' characters.

While pondering how one can even enter SEED mode, the pair see Lacus and Cagalli about to be attacked by a LaGOWE (which is treated as a rabid dog). Cagalli immediately uses her SEED mode to don the Strike Rouge's armor and begins wildly firing at the LaGOWE. This is followed by Lacus also using her SEED to talk down the LaGOWE and make it incredibly apologetic for trying to bite them. Realizing that danger may be the reason, Dearka is tasked with subjecting Yzak with as much pain as possible, but all these attempts fail.

Remembering that Lacus and Cagalli had used their SEED because a friend was in danger, Yzak tosses Dearka off a cliff to see if there's any result; non-chalantly responding "nothing" when there's no reaction.

In spite of these failures, Yzak decides to challenge Athrun once more to a competition of volleyball, where Yzak and Dearka are paired against Athrun and Kira. Initially, Athrun and Kira dominate the match, scoring 49 out of 50 points with ease. Before the last point, Yzak grabs Dearka and uses his foot to return the ball. As Dearka had accidentally stepped on dog poop off-screen, the stench lingers on the ball, causing Kira and Athrun to panic and knock each other out.

Yzak soon seizes the opportunity to eventually tie the game, with Dearka falling asleep to see if Yzak will actually win. To Dearka's expectations, Yzak becomes incredibly jealous seeing Lacus and Cagalli nurse Kira and Athrun; This causes him to actually enter SEED mode, but he strikes the ball with too much force, breaking it and blowing the game. He later cheekily consoles Yzak calling it "another page of history to cherish".


Earth Alliance

Miriallia Haw

Dearka started in bad terms with Miriallia when he unknowingly taunts her over Tolle's death, which caused Miriallia to try to kill him. Later, when Flay Allster tries to shoot Dearka, Miriallia prevents her from doing so, saving his life. After Dearka told her that he was not the one who killed Tolle Koenig, Miriallia becomes more friendly towards him.

In the beginning of Gundam SEED Destiny it is implied that Dearka was dating Miriallia, but they broke up after 5 months. This is later confirmed in episode 27.

Mu La Flaga

Dearka encountered Mu multiple times during their battles at space and on Earth, with Buster's superior firepower being matched by the more nimble and agile Skygrasper and Moebius Zero. The two would find themselves working together when Dearka decides to join Orb; the pair working together during the Battle of Onogoro Island and successfully destroying hordes of Strike Daggers. In the Battle of Mendel, Dearka accompanied Mu in confronting Rau.

After the two formally met, Dearka has a habit of calling the commander "old man", which Mu vehemently denies as he is still in his late 20s. This portion of their dialogue also continues on in the Extreme Versus series, where Dearka will still call both the Perfect Strike Mu and the Akatsuki Mu old, though he will say that Akatsuki Mu is "an old man that got even older".


Yzak Joule

Yzak is Dearka's best friend. Dearka and Yzak would agree on mostly everything and Dearka would often go along with what Yzak was doing. Occasionally, Dearka would exploit Yzak's attempts to surpass Athrun for his own amusement.

When Dearka joined the Clyne Faction, Yzak initially mistook the Buster's pilot to be someone else and swore to avenge Dearka. After Dearka revealed himself, Yzak branded Dearka as a traitor, who retorted that Yzak was being deceived. Despite this thorn in their relationship, Dearka would save Yzak from the Raider during the Second Battle of Jachin Due and provide support for the PLANTs. Yzak would later repay the favor by rescuing Dearka after his unit is badly damaged by the Providence.

In the second war, the two remain good friends, with Dearka acting closely as Yzak's aide and often brushing aside the commander's harsh tone when giving orders. Throughout their interactions, Dearka rarely, if ever, speaks with Yzak with any sense formality showing how close they are. He is also not above making snarky and cynical comments when they are together.

Athrun Zala

Athrun and Dearka were friends and teammates as members of the Le Creuset Team. At times, Dearka would find fun in seeing Athrun end up competing with Yzak. Dearka's more level-headed behaviour also kept him from getting into as much conflict with Athrun compared to Yzak, and he obediently followed Athrun's commands after his appointment as the new team leader. After his desertion of ZAFT and Athrun's decision to help Orb, Dearka began to sympathize with Athrun's more moderate perception of Naturals, and the pair continued to work together until the end of the first Alliance-PLANT War.

During the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Dearka expresses nostalgia at being able to work with Athrun once again during the Junius Seven Drop and again during the Battle of Messiah.

Nicol Amalfi

Like the other Le Creuset Team members, Dearka was friends with Nicol, having graduated from the same class together. As his views towards Naturals are more radical, this causes conflict where Dearka sees the more moderate Nicol as a coward; while Nicol is concerned with Dearka's apathy towards their enemies during the destruction of Heliopolis. Nonetheless, the pair worked closely together during their battles against the Archangel.

Like the rest of the Zala Team, Dearka was heartbroken and enraged by Nicol's death at the hands of the Strike, swearing to avenge Nicol and the scar Yzak had suffered against the unit.


It seems appropriate for Nicol. A weapon fit for a coward.

Dearka Elsman on the Blitz Gundam and Nicol Amalfi.[1]

I can't just quietly follow orders when it looks like all we're trying to do is wipe out every last Natural alive.

Dearka Elsman to Yzak Joule.[2]

"You're being deceived!"
"I wonder which one of us is really being deceived. There's nothing left to say, I'm going.

Yzak Joule to Dearka Elsman when they met on the battlefield.[3]




Illustrations & Artwork


Notes & Trivia

  • Originally in Gundam SEED, Dearka was a red elite, wearing a red uniform that is given to elite soldiers. In Gundam SEED Destiny, however, he wears the regular green uniform which is given to regular soldiers. Although it was never stated clearly, it was likely that Dearka was demoted to a common soldier as punishment for his defection. Later in the Gundam SEED Destiny ending credits he can be seen wearing a black commander's uniform, suggesting a promotion in the epilogue.
  • There has been a couple of cases where his voice actor wasn't able to voice him for a game, the first being Super Robot Wars Z, leading to Dearka being unplayable.
  • In the case of Nicol and Tolle being saved in Super Robot Wars W, his romance with Miriallia doesn't happen but an exchange with someone implies while fond of her, he sees Tolle as the better choice for her, perhaps seeing a relationship with her not ending well.
  • For the HD Remastered version of Gundam SEED Destiny, Dearka's Gunner ZAKU Warrior is painted black like his Blaze ZAKU Phantom.
  • Dearka shares the same voice actor as Martin DaCosta, second-in-command of Andrew Waltfeld, namely Akira Sasanuma.
  • In Gundam SEED Destiny, Dearka shares the same English voice actor as Auel Neider, Brad Swaile.
  • In the SEED Encyclopedia of Never Ending Tomorrow, it is revealed that Japanese dancing is his hobby, further indicated by the item needed to unlock him as a playable character which is a folding fan.
  • In the Extreme Versus series, Dearka acts as the Buster's pilot with a cost of 1500.
    • He will often make comments of genuine surprise regarding the presence of female pilots, most especially with Sthesia Awar and the over-ceremonious appearance of her Excellia. He is also unnerved by Haman Karn's killing instincts, being reminded of Miriallia.
    • Dearka doesn't think highly of the Junk Guild, and he flatly rejects whatever "weapons deal" Lowe Guele has to offer. Similarly, he mistakes some members of Judau Ashta's group to be part of the Junk Guild.
    • When meeting Infinite Justice Athrun, Dearka is startled with the high specs of Athrun's new unit.
    • He will also note the similarity between Rau and the other "Char Clones".
    • Dearka mistakes Domon Kasshu for Yzak and is surprised to learn he is talking to a stranger.
    • Dearka will often address the ZAFT pilots of SEED Destiny, complimenting his partners if they're either a red coat or a member of FAITH. He also mentions that the hot-headed Shinn reminds him of Yzak.