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Dawn of Rebellion (暁の蜂起 Akatsuki no Hōki?) is the third instalment in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin theatrical OVA series. It debuted in Japanese theaters and online worldwide streaming on May 21, 2016. Its European premiere took place at the MCM London Comic Con on May 28.[1]


Universal Century 0074. After leaving Texas Colony, Édouard Mass camouflages his identity and enrolls in the Autonomous Republic of Zeon's Space Defense Military Academy under the name of Char Aznable. He develops a friendship with his classmate Garma Zabi, a scion of the Zabi family. Gradually the two become admired by the other students. Then, in Universal Century 0077, the students at last rise up in arms and begin the fight for independence against the Earth Federation's security forces. This rebellion, however, also marks the beginning of Char’s spectacular scenario of revenge... Now, the gears of history are turning![2]