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Dawn Horizon Corps (夜明けの地平線団 Yoake no Chiheisen-dan?) is a pirate group that appears in the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.


The Dawn Horizon Corps were a pirate group led by Sandoval Reuters. They operated around the Mars sphere, and on shipping routes between Earth. They had a large force comprising around 2,500 members including Human Debris, with ten ships, numerous mobile workers and mobile suits at their disposal. They primarily assaulted merchant vessels, much like the Brewers, and also occasionally worked as mercenaries for high paying clients. Due to their large size, they even attacked Teiwaz's ships, becoming a nuisance to Jupiter's biggest conglomerate. Despite Gjallarhorn's attempt to stamp them out, they remained ellusive due to mostly operating outside the Earth sphere, allowing them to operate largely unhindered and unchallenged.


Post Disaster 325

The Dawn Horizon Corps assault Kudelia's Half-Metal mine.

The Dawn Horizon Corps were hired by Allium Gyojan, the leader of activist group Terra Liberionis, after Kudelia Aina Bernstein refused to help him save the group from financial ruin. The Corps were ordered to kill Kudelia, who was currently on Mars, in return for a substantial payment. The pirates subsequently attacked the half-metal mine Kudelia was at, but was repelled by Tekkadan's forces and the timely arrival of the new ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

Tekkadan then went into space to hunt down the pirate group, with help from a Gjallarhorn force lead by McGillis Fareed's subordinate, Isurugi Camice. After some searching, three of the Corps ships were traced and attacked with a small force for speed's sake, thinking the pirates forces were split. However, this was a trap set up by Reuter, where the other seven of the ships in the flotilla were towed by the three, masking their signatures. Now vastly outnumbered, Tekkadan had little choice but to hold out until the rest of McGillis's reinforcements could arrive, managing to briefly blind the pirate fleet's sensors with nano mirror chaff and disabling several of their ships.

Sandoval Reuter's and the Twin's Hugo's during the battle.

However during the battle, a group led by Iok Kujan who is from a rival Gjallarhorn fleet, the Arianrhod fleet, arrived intent on getting the prestige for capturing the pirates. This developed into a three way fight, with Tekkadan and the Arianrhod competing to detain Reuter first. Mikazuki Augus was ultimately the first to subdue Reuter, and the pirates were ordered to surrender and disarm, effectively disbanding the group indefinitely.


The Dawn Horizon Corps mostly operated out of their flotilla of ten armoured warships. It is unknown and it isn't revealed whether they had a static base of operations for resupply and to make more extensive repairs to their ships and Mobile Weapons.