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First Alliance-PLANT War

One of the few surviving crew members of the Earth Alliance warship Archangel.[1] Chandra worked alongside Sai Argyle in the ship's Combat Information Center, manning one of its electronic warfare stations.[2] He's was also responsible for managing the Archangel's complement of civilian volunteers. Chandra abandoning the Earth Alliance following the Battle of JOSH-A,[3] and remained with the Archangel throughout the First Alliance_PLANT War, up until the Second Battle of Jachin Due.[4] Following the end of the War, he was given a new identity and residence in the Orb Union.

Second Alliance-PLANT War

In late C.E. 73, Chandra returned to the Archangel at the request of Murrue Ramius, prior to the the Orb Union officially joining the Earth Alliance.[5] Chandra served abroad the ship thought the Second Alliance-PLANT War.[6]


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