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The Dagui (ダーグウェ) was a mobile armor that appeared in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam École du Ciel.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Dagui was a large Newtype-use MA developed independently by the Luio Company, it was developed in secret at the Ruio disposal space colony and meant to be given to the AEUG as a gift. It is similar in design to the MA-06 Val Walo. Combined with the Dagui's deadly range or armaments, the pilot and the MA put together can be a formidable force.


  • 2-barrel Mega Particle Cannon
These are mounted on the top section of the Dagui.
  • Large Nose Diffuse Particle Gun
An optional armament that can be attached to the side of the Dagui. It has diffusive properties to maximize the damage area of the weapon.
  • Claw
  • Large Mega Particle Cannon
  • Bits
Psycommu guided weapons with a unique design. When stored, they are folded up, but when deployed, they fly in an inverted V-shape, the verniers on the inside of the V ensuring high speed.


  • I-Field Generator
  • Psycommu System


It was intended to be Asuna Elmarit's personal machine, however, it was incomplete with only one arm. It was discovered by the Titans who dispatched vessels to stop it. It is subsequently boarded by Erisia Nocton, who rampaged with the Dagui and completely destroyed the Ruio colony. It is wrecked after a fierce battle with Asuna's Le Cygne.



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