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The DT-6800EL Eldora Daughtress (エルドラドートレス Erudora Dōtoresu?) is a custom machine based on the DT-6800A Daughtress that appears in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A custom, all-terrain Mobile Suit based on the DT-6800 Daughtress.[1] The Eldora Daughtress features enhanced basic abilities compared to the Eldora Army and is also easy to mass-produce like the other One-Eyes units, with many being made.[1] The Eldora Daughtress has a lightweight but tough structure, and along with the highly expandable design inherited from the original Daughtress, it can be assumed that variations of the machine exist.[1] It is not difficult to conclude that the existence of this Mobile Suit proves that new threats will appear to challenge Hiroto and Force BUILD DiVERS in Eldora.[1]


  • Multiple-Barrel Rifle
A large portable firearm dedicated to the Eldora Daughtress.[1] It has four barrels that can be flexibly unfolded and is capable of various shooting modes, such as its normal concentrated beam mode, a wide-range diffused beam mode, and high-speed rapid-fire mode which can be performed by rotating the barrels.[1]
  • Shield
A shield that comes standard with this machine.[1] Its anti-projectile and anti-beam capabilities are greatly improved compared to the Eldora Army's.[1]
  • Army Weapon
Originally used by the Eldora Army, it is a composite handheld armament that combines a beam gun with a physical sword.





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