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D.O.M.E. (Depths Of Minds Elevating) is a shared alias between a fictional character and a Moon facility where it come to represent the man's name from the After War Gundam X anime. It was destroyed at the end of the anime. In After War Gundam X: Under The Moonlight it was rebuilt by a mysterious organization.


G-Bit D.O.M.E. on guard.

D.O.M.E. was one of the first Newtypes to be discovered by the old United Nations Earth government. In order to better understand what a Newtype was, they dissected him and incorporated parts of his body into a lunar base, most notably his brain. After the 7th Space War, D.O.M.E. maintained security of the lunar base with the use of FX-9900-D G-Bit D.O.M.E. units, similar to the bit mobile suits used by the Gundam X and its Flash System.

Being kept alive by the machines in the base, D.O.M.E. stretched his powers as far as he could till he could communicate with Tiffa Adill, drawing her to him along with the leaders of the New United Nations Earth and the Space Revolutionary Army. With all of them present he reveals the truth about Newtypes and calls for an end to the conflicts based around them.

D.O.M.E. and the lunar base are destroyed by the blast created when Garrod Ran's Gundam Double X's Satellite Cannons collided with the energy blast created by Shagia and Olbas Satellite Launcher.

Seven years later a mysterious organization rebuilt D.O.M.E. for an unknown purpose.


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