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The Cyclops System is a powerful weapon system used in the Cosmic Era timeline.

Technical Informations

The system is a powerful microwave weapon, which consists of a large array of dish-shaped microwave emitters. Once activated, the Cyclops System rapidly heats the water that makes up about 70% of the human body, as well as the propellant and ammunition supplies of Mobile Suits. Ultimately the intense radiation heat will destroy even buildings and the array itself. The Cyclops System's effectiveness is actually increased by Neutron Jammers, which restrict the microwaves to a smaller area and increase the intensity of the weapon's effects.


Devised by the Earth Alliance, the Cyclops System is sometimes built in secret beneath EA bases as a self-destruct mechanism. During the First EA-PLANT War, the system was used twice, both times under questionable ethical circumstances.

The first use of this system happened on June 2, CE 70 on the moon. For one month, battles occurred on the moon between ZAFT and the EA along a line known as Grimaldi Front. Eventually ZAFT launched an attack on the EA supply base in the Endymion crater which resulted in the destruction of the Alliance' 3rd fleet. Nevertheless the EA is able to activate the Cyclops System underneath the supply base, destroying all ZAFT forces present at the battle. However a large number of EA soldiers is also sacrificed in the process. One of the few people who knew what happened on this day is Mu La Flaga.

On May 8, CE 71, the Cyclops System is used a second time. On this day ZAFT launched Operation Spitbreak to attack the Alliance's Earth military headquarters in Alaska, known as JOSH-A. However the attack was in truth a trap and the leadership of the Alliance military had already left the base, and prepared to activate the Cyclops System underneath it. The Atlantic Federation leaders also used this incident to sacrifice their unwitting Eurasian Federation comrades. The Archangel, who was present at the battle tried to escape after Mu La Flaga found out what was planned but only the timely arrival of Kira Yamato in his new ZGMF-X10A Freedom gave them the opportunity to do so. After Kira was informed what was happening, he warned all people present at the battle of the impending activation. Kira, the Archangel and several ZAFT forces were able to escape the destruction, but 80% of all ZAFT forces present at the battle were wiped out.

In Other Media

In SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, The Cyclops System is used in two manners. The first is the item known as "Cyclops", which unleashes a burst of energy that can kill weaker units. The second is a PVP stage fought on top of one. The platforms above the System are breakable and falling down into the Cyclops System counts as a death and scores for your opponent's side.

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