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Cyber Newtype Story: Another Z Gundam Story (Kyouka Ningen Monogatari: Another Z Gundam Story, 強化人間物語 ANOTHER Z GUNDAM STORY, 1991–1992) is a manga series set in the Universal Century by Kaoru Morishita and was initially serialized in Cyber Comix published by Bandai between 1991 and 1992, and subsequently collected in a single volume.


The story is set in U.C. 0088 on Island 7, an independent research colony used by Anaheim Electronics to test Mobile Suit technologies for Newtypes. After the events of this manga, the main characters Shiva Ipps, Mel Meganika and the cyborg Decoder S. Wallenstein are subjected to cold sleep. They will wake only in the year U.C. 1160, as narrated in the sequel of Another Z Gundam Story, titled Cyber Newtype Story: MAD WANG 1160.


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  • STEP-3
  • STEP-4
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  • STEP-8


List of Mechanics

Anaheim Electronics

Mobile Weapons

Neo Zeon

Mobile Weapons





  • The term Enhanced Human (強化人間 Kyouka Ningen?) used in the title is the same term used for Cyber Newtypes.

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