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Cuarón (キュアロン?) Is a fictional character in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series. He is one of Full Frontal's royal guard of the Neo Zeon remnant forces.

Personality & Character


Battle at Laplace

Angelo and his wingmate Cuarón assisted Frontal in attacking the Unicorn and forcing the NT-D to activate. Frontal tells them to fight like they mean to take it out or it wouldn't activate, which Angelo complied. When the Unicorn retaliated with missiles, Angelo presumed Banagher to be toying with them and demanded that he transform into a Gundam. When the Unicorn ran out of missiles, it retreated back into Laplace, with Frontal following him. Angelo and Cuarón waited outside, before beam magnum shots started blasting through the colony's structure and they spot Frontal/Sinanju being chased by Banagher/Unicorn. Excited to see the Gundam, Angelo and Cuarón attack it, stating that they just need the cockpit. However, Cuarón got in too close, at which the Unicorn impales his MS in the cockpit.

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