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Cuardon (クアドルン Kuadorun?) is the sacred beast who lives in the ruins on Mount Milaag in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE television series.

Personality & Character

A sacred beast that lives in the floating temple Milaag Mountain on the planet Eldora, Cuadorn has been revered as a guardian who has been watching over the people of Eldora for a long time. He is aware of the people of Gunpla, "Divers" and is indebted to them.

Skills & Abilities

Cuadorn is capable of flight and combat in and outside of the atmosphere. He can carry a mobile suit on his back. He has several attacks including shooting a lighting bolt at the clouds to induce numerous lighting bolts to rain down on his enemies, releasing a shockwave blast from his mouth, emitting lighting bolts from his body and firing a powerful beam that destroyed the Fake ν Gundam's beam barrier.



Cuadorn and Alus used to fight side by side, protecting the planet of Eldora from foreign threats. After awakening from a deep sleep, Alus began to attack Eldora's new inhabitants as he viewed them as a threat, and becomes an enemy of Cuadorn.
The two of them know each other and are on good terms with one another.
Needing help in the fight against Alus, Cuadorn summoned Masaki to Eldora. They fought together in many battles, before Masaki was captured by Alus.


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