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A cruiser is a large warship capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously; historically, they were generally considered the smallest ships capable of independent operations. Cruisers usually form the back bone of every major naval power throughout the various Gundam universes, and typically operate alongside battleships and assault carriers either as support ships or as part of a larger combat group. Most cruisers in the gundam series were built to carry, or have been modified to carry, mobile suits and/or mobile armors, and typically mount beam turrets and a small number of Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Mobile Suit guns for defence against enemy mobile suits. Occasionally, important characters will be assigned to cruisers, or will have command of their own cruiser, although this is not always the case.

Among the various ships in the gundam series cruisers have the largest overall tendency to be refitted, resulting in multiple types of cruisers. Cruisers also tend to be somewhat more vunerable to enemy ships and mobile suits due in part to a lack of armor. The destruction of enemy cruisers usually accounts for the bulk of enemy casualties.

List of Cruisers in the Gundam Series

Universal Century

Earth Federation

Principality of Zeon


Axis Zeon

Neo Zeon

Crossbone Vanguard

Zanscare Empire

After Colony

After War

New United Nations Earth

Space Revolutionary Army

Correct Century


Cosmic Era

Earth Alliance


Anno Domini

Earth Sphere Federation

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