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Crank Zent (クランク・ゼント Kuranku Zento?) is a character that appears in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

Personality & Character

Though not much to be known, Crank is a pilot whom had his own honour, refusing to attack vulnerable opponents such as children. Realising the cruelty of Gjallarhorn's modus operandi, he decided to end his life as a soldier by staging his own defeat at the hands of Barbatos and its pilot, Mikazuki.

Skills & Abilities

Crank is a veteran soldier for Gjallarhorn Mars Branch. He has sufficient piloting skill to briefly fight on par with Mikazuki Augus who was piloting the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos through the Alaya-Vijnana System. He is one of the notable few to disarm Mikazuki even temporarily.


One of Gjallarhorn's Mobile Suit pilot, he was among the three Graze pilots sent to attack Chryse Guard Security's base. When Orlis Stenja's snipers failed to stop the perimeter patrols from setting off a signal flare, Crank tried urging his commanding officer not to panic but his pleas went unheard as Orlis ordered their mobile workers to open fire on the facility.

Come dawn, CGS was putting up a significant fight, forcing Crank to sortie in his Graze with Orlis and Ein. Crank attempted to protest Orlis' decision to open fire in direct defiance of their objective only to be reminded of the chain of command. Begrudgingly, Crank told Ein to hold back as Orlis charged forth and began attacking the CGS mobile workers, lamenting that had their division been able to deploy sooner, they wouldn't have so many casualties. Suddenly, as Orlis was chasing the leader, the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos emerged from the base and swiftly killed him. Swiftly absorbing Orlis' death, Crank charges forth while Ein attempted to provide cover fire, only to tell him to hold fire, as Barbatos placed itself in the path of retreating Gjallarhorn mobile workers. Ein then ignored Crank's order to wait for back up and charged ahead, only to end up losing his left manipulator. Crank then ambushed Barbatos and locked weapons with the Gundam Frame, boasting that an old mobile suit can't hope to defeat a Gjallarhorn Graze. To his surprise, his opponent revealed he and all of CGS' casualties were children. Barbatos soon nearly overpowered Crank before being forced to break off as Ein shot at him, only to land back on its feet due to its low fuel supply. The enemy machine then swept up a dust storm and quickly ambushed Ein from beneath before he could take aim, though Crank's timely intervention ensured the only damage was to his Graze's head. Disturbed to learn that they had slaughtered children, Crank grabbed Ein and fled.

Upon returning to the Mars Branch to report on their losses, Crank was forced to endure the outrage of Major Coral Conrad. He was then ordered to destroy CGS to erase all evidence of Gjallarhorn's defeat before Inspectors McGillis Fareed and Gaelio Bauduin arrived. Crank angrily protested that they would be slaughtering children he believed were being forced to fight but Coral couldn't care less.

Refusing to follow Gjallarhorn's orders to cleanse evidences of their defeat, Crank returned to CGS alone with a red cloth tied to his Graze to issue a one-on-one duel, demanding Kudelia Aina Bernstein and the captured Graze as his winning prizes while promising that Gjallarhorn would leave CGS be. After a while of waiting, Orga Itsuka announced they agreed to his challenge. Once his opponent was set up, they traded names and Crank learned the Gundam Frame's pilot was Mikazuki Augus before charging into battle.

As they traded blows, Mikazuki inquired if this was duel to the death. Replying that was unnecessary, Crank attempted to throw the blame on Coral only to then acknowledge that while Gjallahorn wanted Kudelia killed, he never wanted innocent children to be victimized. Mikazuki retorted he had already killed many of his comrades, thus it was too late for regrets. He also declared that he was never victimized and was only trying to do what he believed to be right. Crank then managed to disarm Barbatos of its mace and was about to strike the killing blow, only for Mikazuki to regain his weapon and drove its Needle right through his Graze, severely injuring him. As a victorious Mikazuki stood over a bleeding Crank, he asked him what his prize would be, as they never discussed what would happen if Crank lost.

Crank admitted that his subordinates would be punished for his failure if he returned empty-handed, so he sought to commit suicide by battling Mikazuki. Now too injured to kill himself, he requested Mikazuki grant him a mercy-killing. As the young man brought up his gun, Crank attempted to thank him only to be shot mid-sentence.


Ein Dalton

Crank was the first individual who respected Ein despite the later being half-Martian, his death started Ein's lifelong quest of vengeance against Tekkadan.



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