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The Titans have taken over Von Braun City, and Kamille is sent to do reconnaissance work under the alias Shree Klime, with Katz sneaking into his vehicle unnoticed. Unfortunately, Jerid Messa and Mouar Pharaoh recognize him and give chase. He escapes with help from Katz. Down at the Earth Federation Parliament in Dakar, Quattro finds that Commodore Blex has been shot by the Titans. With his last breath, he adresses him as Char, and asks him to become the leader of A.E.U.G. to change the world. The Parliament has voted to turn all its power over to Jamitov Hymen, making the Titans the de facto rulers of the Earth Federation Government.

Yazan and his squadron open fire against the Argama, both forces battling in the middle of the city. As the pilots board their mobile suits, Reccoa and Fa run towards the Methuss but Haro gets in the way and Fa gets to pilot it, while Reccoa pilots the Zeta . Kamille and Katz take refuge with the citizens, meeting Jerid again but managing to escape. Reccoa finds Kamille and gives him the Zeta while she looks after an injured Katz. Kamille battles Yazan but Jamaican orders a retreat. Aboard the Argama, Fa mourns because of the destruction caused by their battle. Jerid and Mouar end up in the Alexandria. 

Important Events


  • Starting with this episode, the opening changes to Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete


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