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The Titans have taken over Von Braun City. Quattro and Commodore Blex go to Earth, as Blex is supposed to participate in a meeting with the Earth Federation Parliament, in Dakar, Africa, along with other important political figures, like Jamitov Hymen.

Bright tasks Kamille with reconnaissance work on Von Braun City under the alias of Shree Klime. His mission is to gather data on the enemy's numbers, and also to find out how the general public is reacting to the sudden occupation of the Titans. Katz sneaks into his vehicle unnoticed.

At the hotel Dakar Prince, where Blex and Quattro are staying, Blex is outraged after finding out that the government wants to hand over command of the Federation Forces to the Titans. His plan is to issue an urgent motion suggesting that all Earth politicians move to space, where they will be able to better understand the spacenoids situation.

As promised, Scirocco leaves Von Braun in his Dogosse Gier, leaving control of the city in the hands of Jamaican Daninghan and his goons. Because of Jerid's injury, he is left behind at the Alexandria with Mouar Pharaoh at his side. She asks Jamaican for permission to join the Alexandria's mobile-suit team, but Jamaican refuses, arguing that they have enough pilots already and tells them to just go take a break in the city. Once there, however, Jerid recognizes Kamille snooping around the Titan's base and gives chase. Kamille is even held at gunpoint, but is able to escape thanks to the help of Katz, and they are able to hide in the crowded streets of the city.

Going back to the hotel at night, Quattro finds out that Commodore Blex has been shot by the Titans in an undercover assassination attempt. With his last breath, Blex addresses him as Char Aznable, and urges him to become the leader of the A.E.U.G and change the world. Meanwhile, an unit being led by Titans Lieutenant Yazan Gable spots the Argama: he decides to chase them, without consulting the Alexandria, and with no regards to the city so nearby.

Apolly launches in one of the ship's Rick Dias, followed by Emma, now piloting the Mk-II. Fa doesn't stay behind either, launching in the Methuss. Once again, however, she is outmatched by her opponents and is nearly killed. Kamille senses that a battle is breaking out close to them, and Jamaican is notified of Yazan's actions, ordering their fleet to launch and sending out reinforcements. Because they don't know where in the city Jerid and Mouar are, Jamaican orders them to get their attention with an air-raid alarm.

As the battle rages on, Von Braun City itself becomes the setting of the battle, greatly endangering the lives of the civilians around them. Most people manage to hide safely in emergency bunkers scattered throughout the city, and by sheer coincidence, Kamille and Katz find themselves in the same emergency bunker as Jerid and Mouar. There, both sides are quick to find out just how much the locals despise the Titans and their barbaric ruthlessness.

Kamille, sensing Reccoa approaching in the Zeta Gundam, escapes the bunker with Katz, followed by Jerid and Mouar, trying to go back to the Alexandria so they can join the fight. Katz is injured, and Reccoa stays behind to look after him as Kamille boards the Zeta and engages Yazan's Gaplant head on. After being notified that AEUG has taken over the city's power station, and that their mobile suits are struggling in battle, Jamaican orders the Alexandria and the rest of the fleet to abandon the city.

The Parliament has voted to turn all its power over to Jamitov Hymen, making the Titans the de facto rulers of the Earth Federation Government. Quattro, however, wonders how long such a decision will stand. ​​​Aboard the Argama, Fa mourns because of the destruction caused by their battle. Jerid and Mouar end up in the Alexandria. Kamille is just happy that they're all alive, and wonders how things are going with Quattro and Blex. 

Important Events


  • Starting with this episode, the opening changes to Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete.


  • Script: Akinori Endo
  • Unit Director: Osamu Sekita
  • Animation Director: Toshimitsu Kobayashi & Shiro Teruhi