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Cortés is a character and a core antagonist from the "Mobile Suit Gundam: We're Federation Hooligans!!" manga.

Personality & Character

Cortés is always fighting alone, in a crowd he's seen to be the cold and quiet type. However, he is shown to be quite cruel and violent in his personal behaviour. Often growing increasingly sadistic in nature as he further continues to engage in battle. So much so that he straight up enjoys tearing his opponents to pieces; allowing his inner savage to take hold of him. This can get to a point where he disregards all restraint in order to find a suitable foe he would consider a perfect equal to himself; one that matches his own ferocity.

Skills & Abilities

As a mobile suit pilot as well as a soldier, Cortés is an extremely dangerous foe to encounter. As shown with his use of the RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom and his use of firearms, he's very well trained in long-range warfare and is a skilled marksman.

However, the real threat comes from his capabilities in hand-to-hand combat. As shown with his use of his green RX-78XX Gundam Pixy, he can become an unstoppable monster at close range, shredding his way through anyone who stands in his path. In fact, he's so well skilled with this suit, he was able to destroy a Lightliner carrying Yuji Arcana and his RGM-79FP GM Striker by ramming it with his own personal G-Armor.

His ferocity was further demonstrated when he engaged both the Nemesis Instructor Corps, as well as the Sleipnir Corps single-handedly. Annihilating The nemesis's RGM-79C GM Type C, RGM-79SP GM Sniper II, and Sleipnir's RGM-79L GM Light Armor, RX-77-4 Guncannon II, and RMV-1 Guntank II as they attempted to protect Yuji as he escaped from Cortés; only managing to put in a couple of dents, scratches, and gashes into Cortés' Pixy Gundam before they were destroyed.


Cortés was an Earth Federation Forces mobile suit pilot during the One Year War. He acted as the personal assassin in Commodore Denmel's conspiracy to prolong the conflict of the One Year War. He would relentlessly track his opponents and silence them using his GM Sniper Custom. However, after engaging the Nemesis Instructor Corps in a heated battle, his mobile suit was destroyed. He managed to escape and was given a green Gundam Pixy in order to pursue his quarry. With his own personal goal of besting Yuji Arcana in combat, he trailed the nemesis for miles, taking on the entire combined mobile suit forces of both the Sleipnir Corps and the nemesis in order to eliminate his rival. Cortés was finally defeated when Yuji managed to destroy the Pixy in a furious brawl with his RGM-79FP GM Striker; killing him with a devastating uppercut to the Pixy's torso and ripping the suit off its own standing legs.


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  • Although not appearing as a character, Cortés is referenced and makes a cameo in the manga's sequel. Mobile Suit Gundam Katana. Appearing in some of Yuji Arcana's flashbacks.


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