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Coral Conrad (コーラル・コンラッド Kōraru Konraddo?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS anime series.

Personality & Character

A prideful and ambitious man, Coral doesn't hesitate to win at all costs. He has no qualms murdering children, as evidenced when he ordered Crank Zent to massacre Chryse Guard Security to cover up Gjallarhorn's shameful defeat.

Skills & Abilities


In P.D. 323, Coral sent Crank Zent, Orlis Stenja and Ein Dalton out in EB-06 Grazes with a contingent of mobile workers to assault Chryse Guard Security, who were hired to escort Kudelia Aina Bernstein to Earth. It was Coral's intention to escalate the Martians' hatred for Earth by martyring Kudelia, as well as curry financial favour from Nobliss Gordon. The attack was repealed when CGS activated the Gundam Frame, ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos, which killed Orlis and sent Gjallarhorn forces into retreat.

Worried that the lost of a mobile suit in the earlier battle would cause problems for the upcoming inspection, Coral ordered Crank to lead another assault on CGS and wipe out any traces of Gjallarhorn's defeat. However, Crank, upon learning that CGS employed child soldiers, chose to go alone in a suicidal blaze of glory to either die with honor to avoid having his subordinates punished or win Kudelia in a duel against the Gundam Barbatos, which he lost. Coral later tried to bribe the inspection team's leads, Major Specialists McGillis Fareed and Gaelio Bauduin, when they discovered his attempt to cover up his actions, but failed.

Later on, in space, Coral leads his forces to intercept Kudelia as she was being escorted by Tekkadan, the reformed mercenary group from the remnants of CGS, thanks to their route being leaked by the Orcus Company and Todo Mirconen. One of his Grazes landed on Tekkadan's shuttle and demanded Kudelia be handed over. However, Gundam Barbatos emerged from the shuttle and killed the pilot. Coral then decided to destroy the shuttle despite Ein's protests, mentally remarking that with the inspectors involved, he'd be able to pass off Kudelia's death as an accident.

His efforts to shoot down the shuttle was stopped by Barbatos, forcing him to order his mobile suit forces to redirect their attacks on Barbatos. Coral eventually fought in close combat with Barbatos and gained the upper hand, but was distracted by the appearance of the Graze Custom, which he recognized as Crank's machine, repurposed by Tekkadan. This slight distraction allowed Mikazuki to retrieve the Barbatos' mace, impaling Coral's suit with the mace's needle.



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