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Copernicus City is a city on the moon in the Cosmic Era timeline.


Copernicus City is the first city built on the Moon. The construction began in CE 10 and two years later it was opened for civil inhabitants. The city also served as a provider for the raw materials for the space colony program.

Athrun Zala and Kira Yamato both attended a preparatory school in this city and they met here in CE 61. However in CE 68 Athrun and his mother left the city due to Patrick Zala calling them back home to the PLANTs. In the same year, the Yamato family also left the city and moved to the Orb Union-controlled space colony Heliopolis.

In CE 70, Copernicus city was chosen by the United Nations as the site of a final round of peace negotiations between Earth and PLANT. However a terror bombing on February 5 killed the senior leadership of the UN and PLANT representative, Siegel Clyne only survived because his shuttle had a malfunction. The PLANTs was blamed for this incident and a full scale war followed.

During the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Lacus Clyne look-alike Meer Campbell moved there after the real Lacus denounced her live on TV. Some time later the Archangel docked there to spend some time off. PLANT agent Sarah used this opportunity to make an assassination attempt on Lacus by manipulating Meer into helping her, but Meer eventually saved Lacus instead. Sarah was posted as Meer's bodyguard.

It is also revealed in supplementary material that Orb stationed two Izumo-classs in Copernicus City, the Susanoo and Tsukyomi, which served as base for their squadrons of MVF-M12A Ootsukigata transformable Mobile Suits.



  • Copernicus is visually identical to the lunar capital city, Gaingnham, as seen in Episode 40 of Turn A Gundam. It is one of several locations seen in Destiny that resembles a location from Turn A. Shigemi Ikeda served as the art director for both series.
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