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Conroy Haagensen (コンロイ・ハーゲンセン Konroi Hāgensen?) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.


Conroy Haagensen was second-in-command of the ECOAS 920 special forces team. Holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander, he was Daguza Mackle's right-hand man. Conroy is trained in advanced close quarters combat techniques and is also a skilled pilot. Throughout the Third Neo Zeon War, Conroy served with distinction, though he was willing to engage in unscrupulous tactics at times.

After the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam was opened on the Nahel Argama, he accompanied Daguza to interrogate Banagher Links who was recovering in the infirmary. Later, after the Nahel Argama had fallen into a Neo Zeon trap, he and Daguza looked through the history of the Earth Sphere, discovering that the Nahel Argama was holding something almost as important as Laplace's box. They proceeded to take away Audrey Burne. Later, on the bridge, he and Daguza revealed that Audrey was in fact Mineva Lao Zabi, hoping a ceasefire could be negotiated with Neo Zeon by letting them know their heir was being held captive.

Along with other ECOAS members, Conroy later took part in the sabotage of Palau's shipyards to rescue Banagher. After Daguza's death, he took over as commander of the ECOAS team on the Nahel Argama. Subsequently, he participated in the successful retaking of the Nahel Argama after its capture and, following that, the seizure of the Magallanica.

After Banagher and Mineva retrieved Laplace's Box, he supported their decision to reveal it to the world. Later, he and the other ECOAS members manned the Magallanica's command module along with Suberoa Zinnerman and his crew.


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