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Commander Sazabi (コマンダーサザビー, Komandā Sazabī) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.

Commander Sazabi

Leader of the Dark Axis invasion force, Commander Sazabi is the direct superior of Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf and Destroyer Dom. Although he usually leaves fighting to those under his command, he is near un-defeatable himself due to his Soul Drive. Sazabi personally took command of the final direct attempt to invade Neotopia, a decision which led to his destruction by Captain Gundam. In addition, like his namesake, he was considerably larger than any other Robot at the time (being noticeably taller than Captain Gundam).

Zako Red

Zako Red serves as Commander Sazabi's right hand man. Possibly, he could be nothing more than a remote-controlled robot that the Commander used to orchestrate his master plan, as he instantly deactivated without explanation when Sazabi emerged from his transport. What happened to him after Commander Sazabi's defeat is unknown.


  • Commander Sazabi was usually seen using his Funnels, floating beam cannons that traveled with him. While Commander Sazabi mostly used them to punish his subordinates for their failures, the Funnels could over-power Bakunetsumaru's Tenkyo-Ken when fired at once.
  • Commander Sazabi wore special equipment that gave him a variety of attacks. His chest and shoulder armors concealed laser cannons that, when fired together, could create one massive attack called the Mega Cannon. Commander Sazabi could also fire small lasers from numerous places on his armor. Commander Sazabi's armor also let him fly at an amazing speed and protect him with an energy shield.
  • Finally, Commander Sazabi had two beam sabers.



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