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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the 25th Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam episode; if you are looking for the article on the use of space colonies as kinetic weapons then you should head to Space Colony#Colony Drops.


Hizack aproaches the Argama carrying a white flag. It's pilot Sarah Zabiarov tells the crew that the Titans are planning a colony drop on Granada. Captain Bright asks if Mr. Wong will evacuate the citizens, but he only gives a vague reply, confident that the AEUG will take care of things.

Sarah is detained, and on her way to a cell is seen by Katz, who grows interested in her. He gets advised to be careful as she might still be an enemy. Kamille interrogates her and finds she was ordered by Scirocco to inform them. She insists on her concern about the colony drop. Commander Jamaican takes one of the abandoned colonies from Side 4 on a collision route with the moon city.

On the Radish, Captain Bekkener shows his worry for Emma while planning the disabling of the colony's nuclear pulse engine. She says the Mk II will protect her and leaves, upset with his awkward advances at her. Meanwhile, on the Argama, Katz gets upset that Kamille got to see Sarah but he couldn't, and leaves. Fa reprimands him telling him that's it's not his duty to interrogate people, acting jealously. Captain Bright admits to Ms. Reccoa he's worried about the whole situation.

As the pilots launch for battle, Katz takes the chance to visit Sarah. She promises to teach him how to pilot the Hizack, but as they approach the decks she tells him about the Gaplant's weak spot and leaves on the mobile suit. Fa learns about this and informs Kamille, who manages to force Yazan into retreat. Emma manages to change the course of the colony, saving the city from destruction.


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