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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the 25th Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam episode; if you are looking for the article on the use of space colonies as kinetic weapons then you should head to Space Colony#Colony Drops.


Hizack approaches the Argama carrying a white flag. It's pilot Sarah Zabiarov, tells the crew that the Titans are on their way to Side 4, planning a colony drop on the Moon, but they are not yet sure of their exact target. Sarah says that Granada will be hit by the colony drop, but they are unsure if she is to be trusted. They did received confirmation from Granada, though, that at least one colony is suspiciously moving away from Side 4.

Captain Bright asks if Mr. Wong will evacuate Granada's citizens, but he only gives a vague reply, confident that the AEUG will take care of things. Wong tasks the Argama crew to work together with the Radish in order to stop the Titans.

Sarah is detained, and on her way to a cell, is seen by Katz, who grows interested in her. He gets advised to be careful as she might still be an enemy. Kamille interrogates her, and finds out she was ordered by Scirocco to inform them. Meanwhile, Commander Jamaican orders the use of nuclear pulsos to adjust the course of an abandoned colony from Side 4 into a collision route with the Moon, convinced that the Alexandria can't return to Gryps without redeeming their honor after losing Von Braun.

On the Radish, Captain Bekkener shows his worry for Emma while planning the disabling of the colony's nuclear pulse engine, concerned about radioactive contamination. Emma assures him that she will be safe in the Mk II's cockpit and launches, leaving an awkward mood between them. Meanwhile, on the Argama, Katz gets upset that Kamille got to see Sarah but he couldn't, and leaves. Fa reprimands him telling him that's it's not his duty to interrogate people, acting jealously. Captain Bright admits to Ms. Reccoa that he's slightly worried about the whole situation, but is proud of Kamille's growth into a more cautious soldier through his developing intuition. 

The AEUG locates the enemy unit, but are still not sure of what exactly is their target, aware that the warnings they were sent are different depending on if it's directed at Granada or Von Braun. At the Alexandria, Jamaican gives the crew their final orders, and argues with Yazan, who is growing more impatient and volatile by the minute. Both sides get ready for battle, while Katz takes the chance to visit Sarah and provides her with a normal suit. She sweet talks him into taking her to the mobile suit deck as if she's his prisoner, promising to teach him how to pilot her Hizack.

Emma launches in the Mk-II, angry that the G-Defenser is under repairs, and thus, not available. Henken assures her that it will be operational after the mission, and that the Radish will retrieve her after everything is over. Reccoa launches in the Methuss, with Kamille close behind, in the Zeta Gundam.

Meanwhile, Wong Lee is discussing through video messages with the president of Anaheim Electronics, Melanie Hue Carbine. They both agree that it is imperative that they don't cause any unnecessary uproar by announcing to the public how serious the situation truly is. Granada's mayor enters Wong Lee's office: he wants to start evacuating the citizens to the underground tunnels, but Wong Lee is adamant in his decision, as he doesn't want the public to lose confidence in the AEUG's abilities. After all, if the Argama and the Radish fail, all of them will die either way.

Shots are fired and the fight finally begins. Noticing that Reccoa is advancing toward the enemy mobile suits, Emma decides to tend to the nuclear pulse engines. As they approach the Argama's decks, Sarah tells Katz about the Gaplant's main weak spot, and leaves on her Hizack, having successfully tricked him. Katz tells Fa about the Gaplant's blind spot and Fa manages to pass the information on to Kamille, who manages to force Yazan into retreat.

Igniting the colony's nuclear pulses, Emma manages to finally change it's course, saving Granada from destruction, and forcing it to fall far away from the city, in a safe location. Jamaican is deeply distressed with another huge failure.

Katz, alone in a dark room, as punishment for his behavior, cries, as he wonders if humans are really that difficult to trust.


  • Script: Yumiko Suzuki
  • Unit Director: Jun Hirabayashi
  • Animation Director: Kisaraka Yamada