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The Code ϕ is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Breaker Mobile video game. It is piloted by the Touma Aizen.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A highly customized Gunpla based on the YG-111 Gundam G-Self, it also uses parts from the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee. It is mentioned as one of the strongest Gunpla participating in the inter-high school tournament.


  • Head Vulcan
Head-mounted vulcans that deal damage to opponents.
  • Beam Rifle
A handheld beam projectile weapon. It is based on the G-Self's beam rifle.
  • Beam Saber
The Code ϕ carries two beam sabers which it uses in its "Assassination" technique.
  • Beam Scythe
A powerful close combat beam weapon. The beam forms the shape of a scythe blade. It can also be used as a ranged weapon, shooting beams in the shape of the scythe blade, which it uses in its "Grave Punishment" technique.


The Code ϕ was built by Touma sometime after he transferred to Gokusode High. It was used by Touma during the inter-high school tournament, but was defeated by the Protagonist.

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Notes & Trivia

  • In Gundam Breaker Mobile, players obtain parts of this Gunpla by playing in Free Missions on Hard difficulty.
  • The final in-game model features additional Photon Batteries on its shoulder armor.
  • Depending on the Mission, the Gunpla's AI pilot may use Flit Asuno (Seen in A Challenge from Ono) or Athrun Zala (Story and free missions). 
    • In Ver. 1.3 of the game, the Gunpla features Touma's voice lines in place of his AI Pilots in the Free Missions until the Ver 1.4 update.


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