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Clash at Loum (激突 ルウム会戦 Gekitotsu Rūmu Kaisen?) is the fifth instalment in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin theatrical OVA series and the first instalment in the Chronicle of the Loum Battlefield arc.


On January 3, the Principality of Zeon declares war against the Earth Federation. On that day, the Dozle fleet, consisting of Musai-class light cruisers, destroys the E.F.S.F. cruiser fleet, consisting of Salamis-class cruisers.

On the moon, Major General Kycilia Zabi's Chivvay-class High-Speed Heavy Cruiser deploys her assault forces' MS-05 Zaku I units to occupy Granada and then her main force of Musai-class Early Production Type light cruisers attack Federation Salamis-class and Magellan-class vessels above Von Braun.

The MS-05S Char's Zaku I uses its machine gun to destroy the bridge of a Salamis-class. An FF-3F Saberfish launches missiles at Char's Zaku I but Char manages to damage its port side, the Saberfish explodes. Char's Zaku I heads elsewhere but the engines on its backpack fail to start he tells himself that he can still fight.

A formation of MS-05 Zaku I and MS-06C Zaku II mobile suits with Musai-class light cruisers approach Side 2. On that same day, the Principality of Zeon also declared war on Hatte for steadfastly maintaining an Anti-Zeon stance. Zeon forces attack Side 2 while Gihren Zabi makes a speech condemning them the Zeon Diet. Two of the Hatte Defense Force's Vollhog fighters approach at high speed. The MS-04 Bugu (Ramba Ral) slices fighter 651 with a Heat Hawk. Gunfire from two Zaku II units destroy the other Vollhog, fighter 652, and both proceed to destroy a Barracuda-class. Commander Ramba Ral receives word that they have eliminated most of the enemy's resistance. Several Musai-class fire a volley of shots that penetrate a colony.

Near Luna II, the sun glows in the distance. At his home in Noa, Side 7, Amuro is asleep at his desk while a news report plays. The doorbell rings, waking Amuro up. Hayato is on the intercom, telling Amuro that Kai wants him to come out. Amuro peeks through the blinds but Haro warns him to not go, as Kai is a "bad egg".



Principality of Zeon

Earth Federation




Fire and brimstone has rained down from the heavens onto Side 2. Just deserts for anyone who would dare harbor opposition to the noble Spacenoid cause! They've received punishment they brought down upon their own heads!

But recognize that it was the Federation that poisoned the minds of the foolish leaders of Hatte! They are the true enemy!

My countrymen, you 150 million citizens of Zeon, our fight has only just begun! Let us continue to march onwards together in perfect unison, and we will not cease until we have victory!

—Gihren Zabi's speech at the Zeon Diet, 10:33 to 11:58

You can't call this a war. It's a slaughter.

—Ral receives word that they have eliminated most of the enemy's resistance, 11:26 to 11:41


  • In 11:09, a modified Magellan-class is hand-drawn rather than animated in CG.