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Men of Luio & Co continue to work hard resupplying the Audhumla, as the mayor of New Hong Kong orders the ship to leave the city, fearing that the Titans will target New Hong Kong once again.

Noticing that Kamille is acting kind of aloof, Amuro approaches him. Amuro wonders if it has something to do with the girl that Kamille told him about, and gets worried when Kamille's descriptions of his feelings starts to remind him of Lalah. He warns him to steer clear of the girl.

Both Kamille and Beltorchika Irma are curious about Lalah and try to pry some information out of Mirai, but the details of Amuro's relatioship with Lalah is a mystery to them. Kamille wonders if his relationship with Four mirrors theirs, and leaves the Audhumla in search of her.

At the Sudori, Namicar Cornell tells Ben Wooder that she has made modifications to the Psycho Gundam so that it can be operated by a normal pilot, since Wooder believes that they're depending too much on Cyber-Newtypes.

After being approached by Kamille, Four convinces one of the Titan soldiers that was tasked with keeping an eye on her to leave them alone for a time, promising to come back to the Sudori at midnight. She passionately hugs Kamille and they have fun in the city for a little while before they sit down and talk; now, both aware of each other's identity. They talk about the AEUG and the Titans, share a kiss, and Four tells him about her past, or at least the lack of it, as her memories were erased by the Murasame Laboratory that now employs her as a pilot.

An explosion in the city suddenly erupts and, in his rage, Kamille's emotions resonate with Four, who discovers that he is the pilot of the Mk-II, and not Amuro. He urges her to leave the Titans and go find shelter at the Audhumla, but she can't abandon the hope of getting her memories back and runs away. Wooder, piloting the Psycho Gundam, is the source of the blast, as he rampages through the streets, testing the black machine's capabilities.

Amuro launches in a Rick Dias so he can battle the Psycho Gundam, but concludes that he can't destroy it in the city and tries to lure it away to the ocean. As Kamille tries to get Amuro's attention by flashing the light from a motorcycle, Four uses her Cyber-Newtype powers to force the Psycho Gundam to a halt, trading places with Wooder in the cockpit.

Kamille returns to the ship, and is immediately slapped by Stephanie Luio, furious that he was wandering around the city when he was needed the most. The Gundam Mk-II launches as it accompanies the Rick Dias, while a Nemo unit is tasked with protecting the Audhumla. Angry and in tears, Four proceeds in the Psycho Gundam, demolishing the city, before the Mk-II finally arrives, with Kamille instantly sensing that Four is the one piloting it.

Kamille tries to convince Four to stop but she has completely lost control. He begs Amuro not to shoot, and manages to lure the Psycho Gundam into the sea, where he leaves the cockpit and tries to reach out to Four one last time, but fails once again. Amuro rescues Kamille, and targets the core system of the Psycho Gundam with a shot that finally forces it to retreat.

At the Sudori, Namicar tries to reason with Wooder about Four's condition, but he insists that she continues to be used in battle. At the Audhumla, Mirai says her farewells to the crew, after deciding to once again board the Coral Oriental, not wanting to get in Bright's way. Stephanie assures Mirai that she will have all of her support, and they leave in her helicopter, after Mirai gives some parting words both to Amuro and Beltorchika.

Taking off once again, the Audhumla finally leaves New Hong Kong. 


  • Script: Akinori Endo
  • Unit Director: Jun Hirayabashi
  • Animation Director: Hiroyuki Kitazume