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The Cima Fleet is a an organization that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.


Also known as M.A.U. (Marine Amphibious Unit) Cima of the Principality of Zeon's Marine Corps, the Cima Fleet belonged to the Zeon Mobile Assault Force commanded by rear admiral Kycilia Zabi. The name originated from the fact that they were led by Lieutenant Colonel Cima Garahau instead of Colonel Asakura. The fleet consists of the flag ship Zanzibar II-class Lili Marleen, five to seven Musai-class light cruisers, and Papua-class transport ships. The Cima Fleet's mobile suit force numbered more than thirty MS-14F Gelgoog Marines. All members of the Cima Fleet except Asakura were born in Side 3's Mahal colony. They were forcibly conscripted and organized as a specialized unit for space colony operations. During the One Year War they were forced to carry out dangerous missions in addition to dirty work including administering GG Gas into a space colony.

After the One Year War, the Cima Fleet attempted to join the others in Axis, however Asakura blamed the Cima and the others for the usage of the GG Gas and became pariahs. With their home colony been repurposed into the Colony Laser and unable to join the other fleets in Axis, the Cima Fleet was forced to eke out a life drifting through space.

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