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The Chryse Autonomous Region (クリュセ独立自治区 Kuryuse Dokuritsu Jichiku?, or simply Chryse) is a city featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. Located on Mars, it was once part of the Arbrau Territory, following the McGillis Fareed Incident, it became part of the Martian Union, led by Union Chairperson, Kudelia Aina Bernstein, who's also the daughter of Chryse's representative during Arbrau's rule, Norman Bernstein.[1][2]


Following the Calamity War, Mars was divided up with territories each being controlled by factions from Earth, Chryse was located in the territory belonging into Arbrau. Following several riots and protests, Chryse was given limited autonomy by Arbrau.[1]


Haba's Store

A grocery store owned by Haba. Atra Mixta once worked there where she would deliver goods to the boys at CGS. After CGS became Tekkadan, Atra changed her occupation to being their cook. Atra and Kudelia later both sought refuge in the store when Tekkadan's HQ came under Gjallarhorn's attack.[2]

Sakura Pretzel's Farm

A corn farm owned by Sakura Pretzel and her grandchildren.

Leader's Office

The leader's office (首相官邸 shusōkantei?, lit. Prime Minister's Office) is the building of the Chryse Autonomous Government (クリュセ独立自治政府 kuryuse dokuritsu jichi seifu?). It was where representative Norman Bernstein worked and was also the Bernstein home.